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Keith Urban - Love, Pain & the whole crazy thing

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Keith Urban - Love, Pain & the whole crazy thing

Keith Urban - Love, Pain & the whole crazy thing

Capitol Nashville
Bottom Line:

When the first single, "Once In A Lifetime" was released on August 15th, it was a record breaker by debuting higher than any other country single ever has. That's saying a lot considering a 62 year history. After having just listened to the entire new CD, I think it's just the beginning. This new CD, Love, Pain & the whole crazy thing is packed with song after song having the ability to cause a catastrophic effect on the chart records.

Given the public's current state of desiring this new contemporary country sound, Urban is gonna relish in the success of this incredibly written and very well produced CD. Having had some cross-over appeal with his last two releases, Be Here, (which just went quadruple platinum) and Golden Road, this album is gonna blow the doors off what has previously happened. "Once In A Lifetime" debuted as high as it did for good reason. Keith has been quoted many times for having said his music usually reflects his lifes current place. This song came about right around the time he married fellow Aussie, actress Nicole Kidman in June of this year. On top of the world looking down, he sees how wonderful their life can be with a little faith in each other. Musically this song is an explosion of sound beginning with a soft, gentle heart beat, escalating into an euphoric mix of guitar, drum and piano. An incredible song that speaks volumes of what a little leap of faith can do. Another love song, "Faster Car" has a most contagious beat that'll leave you thumb tapping the drums all day. It's the story of a man so in love, all he can think about is getting a faster car, one that will get him there so fast when she calls for him that it'll prove his great love for her. "Tu Compania" is another love song with a contagious beat to it. A happy little tune that talks of how great it is to love everything about the person your with right down to her eye rolls at him for stealing kisses. I have no idea what the Spanish lady talking over the song is saying about Keith but it sounds sexy and fun!
Get out your cowboy boots and dust off the Stetson cause if I'm right, the next dance craze is gonna be called, "Raise The Barn." Just to keep all those line dancin', rockin' country, cotton eyed Joe and Joette's happy, this song is nothing but a good time. Ronnie Dunn (Brooks & Dunn) duets with Keith on this one and the sound of those two incredible vocalists together is the perfect recipe for success. It's gonna make for one heck of a dance song sure to be played over and over at every honky tonk around for years to come. Make sure to read the liner notes about this song. It tells where the inspiration for Keith and Monty Powell to write it came from.

"Stupid Boy." There is no way to fully make you understand how powerful this song is. It's one that has to be heard. Written by Sarah Buxton, Deanna Bryant and Dave Berg, it is a masterpiece. Combine this masterpiece with Urban's vocal ability to express incredible emotion and add his unbelievable and rarely matched guitar skills and we have one of the most soul stirring songs you'll ever hear. When a man tries to control a woman by belittling her, he finds that may work in the beginning but realizes after he loses her, how stupid he was.

The musical arrangements on this CD go above and beyond what would have been completely acceptable. Urban has really out done himself this time and I wonder if he knew we would be applying track 13, "Got It Right This Time" to how we feel about this CD. Although blatantly for his beautiful new wife, it also can express how incredible this new music is. Not that he didn't have it right on his previous releases, they were absolutely phenomenal, this collection of songs, 10 of 13 that Keith wrote/co-wrote are truly exceptional.

Keith Urban has exposed his soul with this release. The title is Love, Pain & the whole crazy thing and that's what life is. With this album and the ones before it, he has taken us on a journey of his life. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Song List:

Keith Urban

Keith Urban

Kevin Mazur
  1. Once In A Lifetime
  2. Shine
  3. I Told You So
  4. I Can't Stop Lovin' You
  5. Won't Let You Down
  6. Faster Car
  7. Stupid Boy
  8. Used To The Pain
  9. Raise The Barn (Featuring Ronnie Dunn)
  10. God Made Woman
  11. Tu Comania
  12. Everybody
  13. Got It Right This Time

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