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Keith Urban - Greatest Hits: 18 Kids

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Keith Urban - Greatest Hits: 18 Kids

Keith Urban - Greatest Hits: 18 Kids

Capitol Nashville
Bottom Line:

As if seven number one hits and seven top 5 hits weren't enough and despite being in the middle of his World Tour promoting last years release of Love, Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing, Keith Urban went back into the studio to record two new songs specifically for this greatest hits disc. Both are remakes, "Got It Right This Time," a song he wrote for his new wife, actress Nicole Kidman, and his own version of Steve Forbert's 1979 classic, "Romeo's Tune."

It's difficult to believe that only 8 years have passed since Keith released his first solo album the self-titled, Keith Urban. Although he had a very successful career in Australia and some success here in the states with his country rock band, The Ranch, it paled in comparison to winning the highly coveted Horizon award in 2001. Keith is the second artist in history to also go on to win CMA's Entertainer of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year. Ricky Skaggs did it previously. It's been an incredible musical journey for this artist and his first greatest hits collection is sure to be a fan favorite for years to come.

Affectionately subtitled as his 18 Kids, Urban's now scrapbooked musical journey is a collection of feel good, give thanks, love, loss and just live life today songs. The Billboard No. 1's include, 2001's "But For The Grace Of God," Golden Road's "Somebody Like You," 2003's "Who Wouldn't Want To Be Me," Be Here's "Day's Go By" and 2005's "Better Life" and "Making Memories Of Us." A very rich mix of musical genius, beautifully written lyrics everyone can relate to and some of the most passionate vocal deliveries I've ever heard.

Keith Urban

Keith Urban

Capitol Nashville
Being in love has its ups and downs. Whether you're experiencing that "Once In A Lifetime Love," feeling like a "Stupid Boy," both off 2006's Love Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing, or maybe just wanting to warn that someone who's ripped your heart out that "You'll Think Of Me," and "I Told You So," there's a song here for you to set the mood. 2003's "Raining On Sunday," and 2006's "Tonight I Wanna Cry" are the best of the best.

This release is offered in two ways. You can purchase the 18-track CD, or for just a few dollars more buy the special edition version containing 12 videos that topped CMT's video charts, and a 60-day trial membership to Keith's online community, Monkeyville. Both versions include a booklet packed with photos, lyrics, and a handwritten letter of thanks to all of those who have helped Keith make this journey such a memorable one. I personally have a feeling it's just the beginning.

Track List:

Disc 1:
  1. Romeo's Tune
  2. Got It Right This Time (The Celebration)
  3. I Told You So
  4. Stupid Boy
  5. Better Life
  6. Making Memories of Us
  7. Once In A Lifetime
  8. Tonight I Wanna Cry
  9. You're My Better Half
  10. Days Go By
  11. But For The Grace Of God
  12. You'll Think Of Me
  13. Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me
  14. Raining on Sunday
  15. Where The Blacktop Ends
  16. Your Everything
  17. Somebody Like You
  18. Everybody

Disc 2:

  1. I Told You So
  2. Stupid Boy
  3. Once In A Lifetime
  4. Tonight I Wanna Cry
  5. Better Life
  6. Making Memories of Us
  7. You're My Better Half
  8. Days Go By
  9. You'll Think of Me
  10. Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me
  11. Raining on Sunday
  12. Somebody Like You
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