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Tim McGraw - Let It Go

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Tim McGraw - Let It Go

Tim McGraw - Let It Go

Curb Records
Bottom Line:

Tim McGraw returns with his ninth studio album on Curb records. The CD is entitled Let It Go, and it's Tim's first studio release since 2004. It has 13 tracks, two of which are duets with his wife Faith Hill, "I Need You" and "Shotgun Rider." Tim's fans will find that this CD offers up the kind of songs that they've come to know and love from the "Indian Outlaw." With it's up-tempo country rockers and it's slow power ballads. It's another solid offering from Tim McGraw.

Tim McGraw exploded on to the country music scene back in 1994 with his somewhat controversial hit "Indian Outlaw." Since then, he's released 8 studio albums and 2 greatest hits CD's. His 9th studio album on Curb Records is called Let It Go. It has 13 tracks, two of which are duets with his wife Faith Hill. They are "I Need You" and "Shotgun Rider." The first single from the CD is called "Last Dollar (Fly Away)," and it's already receiving heavy airplay on country radio. Let It Go offers up the kind of songs that you've come to know and love from Tim. It has it's share of up-tempo country rockers and it's slow, power ballads. The vocals and instrumentation on this CD are really tight! It made it a joy to listen to.

Track 1 is the first hit single from the CD. "Last Dollar (Fly Away)" is about not being tied down to a day to day life and having the freedom to just come and go as you please. The second track is a song called "I'm Workin'." It's a slow song that reflects the busy lives that we live today. Working the 3rd shift and keeping up with each other's lives through calls on the cell phone. It's a true but sad commentary on our jobs taking precedent over our personal lives just to make ends meet. Next, is the title track. It's about setting yourself free from all the weight and baggage from your past. It's about getting out from under all the things in our lives that we can't change, so why not just let it all go.

"Whiskey and You" goes something like this. Guy does something stupid one too many times. Girl leaves stupid guy for being stupid one too many times. Guy knows he was stupid for losing her and turns to the bottle for comfort. Not a real original idea, but somehow, Tim makes it work. And he does a fairly good job on his cover of the 1979 Eddie Rabbitt hit "Suspicions." "Kristofferson" is another song about Tim being left behind once again by his lady love. So he's going to sit down and write her a song and tell her exactly how he feels, and he's going to do it the way that Kristofferson would do it. "Put Your Lovin' On Me" is about getting lost in the passions of your lover if only to escape from the troubles of life for a little while. "Nothin' To Die For" is a song that reminds us that while we are looking out for the ones that we love and being everything for everyone else, we also have to remember to take care of ourselves as well. And "Between the River and Me" is a song about a step-son who is settling the score with the man who drinks too much and abuses his mother. Something tragic ends up happening, and how it happened is "Between the River and Me." It's a pretty powerful song. "Train #10" was actually going to be the original title of this CD. It's about a guy who has had enough and is ready to get out of town. But something is holding him back. Because out of the 9 trains leaving that day, he's waiting on Train #10. Over all, this CD has a heavier rock feel to it. But it's still Tim doing what he does best.

Track List

  1. "Last Dollar (Fly Away)"
  2. "I'm Workin'"
  3. "Let It Go"
  4. "Whiskey and You"
  5. "Suspicions"
  6. "Kristofferson"
  7. "Put Your Lovin' On Me"
  8. "Nothin' To Die For"
  9. "Between The River And Me"
  10. "Train #10"
  11. "I Need You"
  12. "Comin' Home"
  13. "Shotgun Rider"

"Let It Go" Listening Party

Still not sure if you want to buy the album? Listen to full-length streaming audio of all the songs, to help you decide.

Let It Go Listening Party

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