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Gretchen Wilson - One of the Boys

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Gretchen Wilson - One of The Boys

Gretchen Wilson - One of The Boys

Sony BMG

One of the Boys Bottom Line:

This is the third album for Wilson, and with music like this there is no doubt that she is here to stay. She displays such a range of vocal talents in her albums, anyone feeling she is only good for the party songs have obviously not really listened to her music. She can rock with the best of them on the drinking songs, but she can also wow you with her sultry voice that is filled with smoky emotion on the ballads. Do yourself a favor and go grab the album, you won't be sorry.
Sony/BMG recording artist Gretchen Wilson has done it again. For her third album she continues to show us that her writing talents are just as phenomenal as her vocal talents. She collaborates with some major Nashville songwriters like Rivers Rutherford, John Rich as well as a few others on 10 of the 11 tracks. John Rich joins her on the powerhouse single "Come to Bed." I will admit that I liked Wilson from her very first single release. I loved her attitude and the fact she is very comfortable in her own skin. She is who she is with no apologies. She sings the songs that she relates to and her life outside the music seems to parallel what she sings about. She is a strong woman who also has a tender side. She is just as much at home on a horse or four wheeling in the mud as she is in an evening gown at a formal dinner. She isn't afraid to party a little with the boys and can hold her own with no problem. She takes an active role in her music in all aspects from writing to singing to album production. She is definitely not just another pretty face, but a very savvy business woman as well. She is making her place in the industry in a way that few of the women have been able to do. She has a style reminiscent of Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire and Tanya Tucker. These are all ladies who have become legends in the business without compromising who they are or following meekly behind someone with their career choices.
The songs on this album flow together and seem to make a biography of where Wilson is in her life today. Each and every one could also stand up as a radio single. There are no filler songs on this album. She started it all out with "The Girl I Am," a quieter song that explains she is who she is.

"Come to Bed" is the first single release from the album and an incredibly powerful ballad. Her voice blends smoothly with that of John Rich to sing about the powerful emotions of dealing with after effects of a disagreement. Just don't think about who said what or who was wrong or right. Come to bed and hold tight because under it all you love each other. Not to worry though, there are also plenty of songs like the one that got her started.

"One of the Boys" is a song that says she can do pretty much anything a man can do. She can kick their butt at a game of pool, match them drink for drink, and she really isn't much she will blush at. But she is also a woman, and once in awhile she likes to be treated as such.

I absolutely loved "If You Want A Mother." It seems her husband didn't want an equal partner in a wife; he wanted to be taken care of like his mother did. So she explains she can do that fine if it is what he wants. No bowling with the boys because he is grounded. If he's grounded then that means he can't drive his brand new Ford truck, and she'll have to drive it for him. If he needs her she'll be sleeping down the hall because big boys have to sleep in their own room. It is a brilliant song.

Overall this is just an excellent album. I heard people saying after her first couple of albums that she was boxing herself into a corner singing the redneck anthems, but I really don't think this is the case. With songs like "Come to Bed" she has established her abilities with ballads as well. She can sing whatever style she chooses to and do it well. She offers up a mixture of styles to make her sound purely Gretchen Wilson. I also love that you can hear plenty of fiddle and steel guitar in the mix. I think that any country music fan would not be disappointed with this album. There is truly something for everyone included.

One of the Boys Track List:

  1. The Girl I Am
  2. Come To Bed (featuring John Rich)
  3. One of the Boys
  4. You Don't Have To Go Home
  5. Heaven Help Me
  6. There's A Place in the Whiskey
  7. If You Want A Mother
  8. Pain Killer
  9. There Goes The Neighborhood
  10. Good Ole Boy
  11. To Tell You The Truth
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