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Phil Stacey - Phil Stacey

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Phil Stacey - Phil Stacey

Phil Stacey - Phil Stacey

Lyric Street Records
Bottom Line:

If you're an American Idol junkie, then you already knew what the world is getting ready to find out. Phil Stacey may not have been voted the American Idol in Season 6, but he has signed with Lyric Street records. His talent is endless and now his road is wide open. He may have performed songs from all across the board while on T.V., but now he is at home, singing the music he's always loved.

There is a new country music singer that many people have already heard, they just haven't realized it yet. If American Idol is one of your favorite shows and you watched season 6, then you knew the effort that Phil Stacey demonstrated on the show. If you would like to own his new album, now is your chance.

The quality throughout this album is good, however many of the songs do sound the same. The fast tunes as well as the slower ones sound alike. The good thing is that the messages are different, although I did expect to hear more of a variety.

His self-titled debut album gives a wide range of talent that includes many of Nashville's finest songwriters and biggest stars. Every member of Little Big Town had a hand in writing "'Round Here," which is an awesome tune. Rascal Flatts front man Gary Levox, with the help of Wendell Mobley and Jason Sellers, had a hand in writing the first single off this album called "If You Didn't Love Me." It's not one of my personal favorites, but the message is good.

Wayne Kirkpatrick, who produces for Little Big Town and Kellie Coffey, also co-wrote a couple tunes and stepped behind the controls and produced this record. Throughout this record, you will hear a wide range of songs that show the different sides of Phil Stacey. Once you have listened from start to finish, it's obvious that this young man is much more than a finalist on a talent show. He's down to earth and a "real" person, who understands life's strange sense of humor.

The first song one this record is "It's Who You Know." This is a catchy tune that was written by Wendell Mobley, Kenny Beard and Rivers Rutherford. Everyone works hard to get ahead in life, but at the end of the day, knowing the right person will get you farther than someone who doesn't.

"Looking Like Love" is the second track, and it's about looking back on love when it first started. It sounds like they may have gone on a couple dates and finally he decided to take the chance and give her a kiss. Only time will tell on most things, and love is one of them.

"Find You" is an interesting tune that grew on me very fast. It starts off kind of slow, but by the time the chorus comes around, it starts speeding up a bit. This is about looking for love and never giving up. Although the search may seem endless, some people never give up.

"What I'm Fighting For" is a song that shines as bright as any. It's about fighting for the things you want. In this tune, his other half is what means the most to him.

The last song "Identity" is about finding out who you are through someone else. Sometimes when you're single, you are cruising through life, searching for that missing link. When you meet that special person, you begin to understand that this person truly makes you whole.

Phil Stacey's debut album may not be the strongest album to be released, but it is worth listening to.

Release Date: April 29, 2008 - Lyric Street

Track List:

  1. It's Who You Know
  2. Looking Like Love
  3. If You Didn't Love Me
  4. No Way Around A River
  5. 'Round Here
  6. Be Good To Each Other
  7. Find You
  8. You Are Mine
  9. What I'm Fighting For
  10. Still Going Through
  11. Identity
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