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Blake Shelton - 'Pure BS'

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Blake Shelton - Pure BS

Blake Shelton - Pure BS

Warner Nashville
Since breaking into the country music scene in 2001, Blake Shelton has shown us with all three releases how versatile he is. Power ballads that'll break your heart & songs that'll make you laugh even on the worst of days. Blake has proven over and over that he can deliver any type of song. This fourth release is no exception. Seven of the 11 tracks are songs that might be a reflection of where Blake is at in his life. Or, maybe not. Filled with lyrics of heartache, regret and loneliness I had to stop and think, the album's title is PURE BS. Only Blake knows for sure.
The first track of the CD is a song that takes us to a campfire party on a Mississippi river bank. Seems as though a date with the Sheriff's daughter has landed Blake in a whole lot of trouble. "This Can't Be Good" hits hard musically and blends perfectly with the story that unfolds. Don't let the title fool ya though, by the end of the song Blake finds a way that might just make the title of the song have to change.

"Don't Make Me," the first single released from this collection is also the first of many "I Don't Care," "She Don't Love Me," "What I Wouldn't Give," "I Have Been Lonely" songs. All are exceptional and delivered only in the true Blake passion-filled vocals we've come to expect. Choosing a favorite wasn't easy but I have to say the brightest of them all would have to be, "Back There Again." Heavily laden with piano, this heartbreak ballad tells the story of a man doing the bravest thing he's ever done by saying goodbye to someone he deeply cares about. Determined to never go back there again, we discover during the last words of the song, back there isn't a physical place, it's the breaking of her heart place. If this song is released as a single, I suspect it'll be a huge hit.

And speaking of hits, "The More I Drink" might do very well on the charts as well. A great sing-along song, it tells the story of man who has quit drinking and tells his drinkin' buddies some pretty good reasons why. If a video comes along for this, it has the potential to be a hilarious look at his reasoning. Some beer goggle's should be in order here especially for that look at the bow-legged, buck-toothed beauties he gets in deep like for once the shots start kicking in.

Finishing up this new CD is "The Last Country Song." When the local honky-tonk gets bought out by developers, the last night for Hank's Roadhouse is a night to party, drink and sing all the country songs on the jukebox. John Anderson and George Jones lend their voices for a few lines from their legendary hits, "Swingin'," and "He Stopped Loving Her Today."

From beginning to end, this entire CD is pure country and country at it's best. Blake Shelton continues giving us his all. Add this one to your collection, you will NOT be disappointed.

Track List:

  1. Can't Be Good
  2. Don't Make Me
  3. The More I Drink
  4. I Don't Care
  5. She Don't Love Me
  6. Back There Again
  7. It Ain't Easy Bein' Me
  8. What I Wouldn't Give
  9. I Have Been Lonely
  10. She Can't Get That
  11. The Last Country Song
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