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Pam Tillis - Rhinestoned

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Pam Tillis - Rhinestoned

Pam Tillis - Rhinestoned

Stellar Cat
Bottom Line:

The latest release by Pam Tillis is called Rhinestoned. It's her first indie CD on her own Stellar Cat label. It's marketed and distributed by Thirty Tigers and RED Distribution. It's her first CD of all new material in 5 years. Featuring 11 tracks, this CD is a reminder of what true country music is supposed to sound like. No screaming guitars or kick drums here. Just honest country music the way it's supposed to be played and heard.

The latest CD by Pam Tillis is entitled Rhinestoned. It's her first new CD of all new material in 5 years since leaving Arista, and her first on her own indie Stellar Cat label. The idea for the Rhinestoned project began back in 2004. The project started out with about 20 songs that were recorded and then set aside. That number of tracks was then reduced to 10. A few months later this same process was repeated. But once she found the song "Band In The Window" the whole Rhinestoned project really started to take shape. Pam produced this new album with Matt Spicher and Gary Nicholson. Since she began her country music career, Pam Tillis has racked up six No. 1 singles and 14 Top 10 hits with sales of over 5 million albums. In 1994, Pam Tillis was crowned CMA's Female Vocalist of the Year. A few other career milestones worth mentioning include two Grammy awards as well as several ACM and Grammy nominations. She also self produced the album All Of This Love which produced two Top 5 hits. Pam was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in 2000. Her latest CD musically bridges the gap between where she's been and where she's going. The CD starts off with a slow song entitled "Something Burning Out." As the day ends, you're reminded of an old flame that hasn't quite burned out yet even though the relationship has ended. Turning away from the fireplace, candles and falling stars because they are all reminders of that love that is still smoldering in the ashes.
"Band in the Window" is a fun up tempo song that could be about a little local club in anywhere USA. Just a lot of locals getting together to sing and play because they just love the music.

Track 3 slows down again with the song "Train Without a Whistle." It's about the woman who falls for the love 'em and leave 'em type. With lyrics like "You won't ever see the danger, when you're lying in the arms of that tall, dark handsome stranger" you can see the heartbreak coming when he's left you behind without a care and moved on. The tempo picks up again when Pam duets with John Anderson on the song "Life Has Sure Changed Us Around." It's a musical journey down memory lane between two old friends about all the places they've been, the things they've done, and all the events that have shaped their lives and have brought them to where they are today. You can sum it up in the lyrics "Doin' all the things we didn't want our kids to do. We didn't have a clue, much less a plan."

"Someone Somewhere Tonight" reflects on that single moment in time. A baby letting go and taking their first steps alone, someone being read their last rights, someone sharing their first kiss with a lover. Pam also lets her sense of humor shine through with a couple really fun tracks. The first is "Crazy By Myself." A song about meeting that Um, special someone who is just as left of center as you are. The other is "Bettin' Money on Love." OK, so you fall in love with this guy who likes to bet money on football. The problem is, he's not good at it. But you overlook the obvious fact that he's lying to you because you're in love, and love tends to cloud our judgement when it comes to making rational relationship choices? With the lyrics being half spoken and half sung, this song is reminiscent of Alan Jackson's "Talkin Repair Blues."

Over all, this is a fabulous CD and well worth the wait. But if you've been longing for a country CD that actually sounds country, you will not be disappointed with Rhinestoned. With acoustic guitars, mandolins, fiddles, piano and drums. This CD is very easy to listen to. No screaming guitars and over processed kick-drums. Some tracks are slow and moody. Others are fun up tempo toe-tappers. But from start to finish, this is a fantastic offering from Pam Tillis. Highly recommended!

Track List:

  1. "Something Burning Out"
  2. "Band in the Window"
  3. "Train Without a Whistle"
  4. "Life Sure Has Changed Us Around" (with John Anderson)
  5. "Someone Somewhere Tonight"
  6. "Down By the Water"
  7. "Crazy By Myself"
  8. "Bettin’ Money on Love"
  9. "That Was a Heartache"
  10. "The Hard Way"
  11. "Over My Head"

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