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Kellie Pickler - 'Small Town Girl'

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Kellie Pickler - Small Town Girl

Kellie Pickler - Small Town Girl

BNA Nashville
Bottom Line:

Small Town Girl is Kellie Pickler's debut album and was produced by Blake Chancey. It's an album chock full of spunk and tenderness all rolled up into one enjoyable collection and it seems to be fairly autobiographical with songs like "Small Town Girl," "My Angel," and even first single "Red High Heels." I'm impressed with the album and will continue to enjoy it in the days and weeks to come.

"Red High Heels" is Kellie's first single and is a song that has really grown on me. It's spunky, fun, and could be any girl's anthem after a breakup. If you want to show him what missing a person really is about, then put on your high heels and go out on the town to have some fun.

"Gotta Keep Moving" is what the woman in the next song has to do. She doesn't want to waste any time when it comes to being with her man. "Finally just the two of us in our old jeans and our hair messed up. I can't wait to see you."

The attitude and spunk is back in "Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind." Women sure do think about a lot of things and you'd be hard pressed to find a man worried about how his jeans make him look, or how the curtains clash with the carpet.

Showing another side of Kellie is "Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You." It's a ballad without having to be over-the-top. The woman wonders how they could go from being best friends to not even speaking. "Didn't you feel it when I touched you? Didn't I rock you when I loved you, baby?" she sings. She can't forget the times she thought the man could do no wrong.

The next song finds Kellie singing about where she came from and how she'll never be anything different than a "Small Town Girl." She would rather ride around in a Chevy than a fancy Ferrari, and see familiar faces at Church on Sundays.

"Girls Like Me" is along the same lines as the previously-mentioned song. The woman likes to think back to the times she shared with her grandma and grandpa because they are some of the sweetest parts of her life. "I might be afraid to fall but I've still got a dream," Kellie sings. She wants to move on, creating new memories to go with the old ones.

Sometimes having to get fixed up and pretty every day can get old and you just want to be "One Of The Guys." You can lay back and take it easy in your blue jeans and a baseball cap while watching some sports.

"My Angel" is a sweet song about a grandmother who was more than just a grandmother. "You were like my mother. You were my best friend. You were everything I want to be and all the good inside of me," is my favorite part. Though her grandmother is gone, she still shines down on her to inspire the things she does today.

Song List:

  1. "Red High Heels"
  2. "Gotta Keep Moving"
  3. "Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind"
  4. "Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You"
  5. "I Wonder"
  6. "Small Town Girl"
  7. "Wild Ponies"
  8. "Girls Like Me"
  9. "I'm On My Way"
  10. "One Of The Guys"
  11. "My Angel"
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