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Rascal Flatts - 'Unstoppable'

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Rascal Flatts 'Unstoppable'

Rascal Flatts - 'Unstoppable'

Lyric Street Records

Unstoppable Bottom Line:

When you think of Rascal Flatts music, you think of catchy pop country music that makes you want to sing along, and songs that provide a soundtrack to the lives of many country fans. Whether it's songs about love that's lost, celebrating the good times, or giving hope that love will indeed conquer all, the band can provide a song for any occasion.

About Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts first hit the country scene back in 1999, when they released their self-titled album, and introduced fans to Gary LeVox's stellar lead vocals, and Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney's harmonies that sound like they are from the same family. Where some tried to claim they were just another boy band, they proved that not to be the case. They don't merely sing, but write their own songs, play their own instruments, and take charge of their careers.

Their concerts are entertaining, from the front row to the last seat, as the group aims to please all their fans, performing not just on the main stage, but also making trips to a rear stage, so that everyone has a chance to see them.

There are those that don't care for the group, which leans to the more pop side of country, which leads to crossover success with many of their songs. But, the winners of the ACM Vocal Group award for seven years running certainly speaks in favor of their talent.

Unstoppable is their sixth studio album, and the title is prophetic. The music is sure to earn them more No. 1 songs, and continued success. They've sold over 18 million albums in their career so far, and are a fan favorite on the road.

Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts

LeAnn Mueller

Unstoppable The Songs

The album starts out with a bang, starting with the guitar-driven mid-tempo song "Love Who You Love." The message of this song is to tell your loved ones how much you care, because time flies by so fast, and you don't want to be left saying, "I wish I would have..."

Of the eleven tracks on Unstoppable, four of them are co-written by Rascal Flatts band members. Jay DeMarcus offers two co-writes, on "Close," a mid-tempo tune about a girl who isn't quite ready to let go of her failed romance. She can't erase a sweet voice mail message from her ex-boyfriend, nor can she toss the old worn out Notre Dame t-shirt that he left behind, because it makes her feel "close." The track offers a great little banjo lick that is repeated throughout the song. There are also parts of the song which feature rock-like guitar licks, and the production is pretty heavy, but the lyrics are quite catchy, and I can easily see this song becoming a hit in the future.

The second co-write from Jay is on the title track, which was written with Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott and James Slater. This track talks about a love that's gone bad, but sings of hope, because "love is unstoppable." The song has a heavy pop-sound to it, with a slight r&b flair at times. The chorus is extremely hooky, with lyrics that get you singing along in no time.

Gary LeVox contributes two co-writes as well. The first is the emotionally charged "Things That Matter," written with Neil Thrasher and Michael Dulaney. The song is a piano-driven ballad, with even some steel guitar in parts. This is one that will touch parents with its well-written lyrics about a dad that has the worst day at work, and wonders why the world won't leave him alone, "till he hears that little voice holler, 'daddy's home.'" In the second verse, a young lady feels anger towards her father who walked out on the family, until she gets the call one day, and finds out her father is dying. "She walks in. He starts crying. The past is gone."

The second track co-written by Gary is "Summer Nights." This track has a live feel to it, and the guitar riff sounds vaguely like one of their past hits, "This Everyday Love," from their self-titled debut. But the country pop style of the song as a whole is more like "Bob Your Head," from the band's Still Feels Good release. Gary co-wrote this with Brett James and busbee.

American Idol Connection

"Here Comes Goodbye" is a wonderful first single. It's a track that is piano-driven with lush strings similar to the band's former No. 1 "What Hurts the Most." The song was co-written by former American Idol alum Chris Sligh and Clint Lagerberg. The relationship is over, and the guy can tell it just from the fact that she's coming up the drive without any music on, and she now knocks on the door, when she used to just come right in. Gary LeVox gives one of his best vocal performances on this track.
The second connection is in the pop-sounding song "Once," which was co-written by American Idol judge Kara Dioguardi, John Shanks and Jeffrey Steele. It's got a strong guitar and percussion feel. We have another song about a love that is now gone, and how the person keeps remembering all that they had, and wonders how it all slipped away.

The final track "Why" tells the story of a suicide, from the point of view of the loved ones left behind, questioning why the person chose to end their life. It's very powerful, and is something all three members of the band have the unfortunate experience of knowing someone close to them that committed suicide. It was a hard one for them to record, but they mentioned in an interview with CMT, that they felt that it could give you a little bit of hope, and help you deal with a tragic situation. The piano drives this melancholy ballad. Unstoppable, to me is another winner from Rascal Flatts. I can easily see at least five of the tracks, in addition to the current Top 10 single, "Here Comes Goodbye" becoming big singles for them. My choices for singles would be, "Love Who You Love," "Close," "Things That Matter" and "Summer Nights."

If you have enjoyed the band's music in the past, go immediately to your local music store, or online merchant and snag a copy.

Release Date: April 7, 2009 - Lyric Street Music

Unstoppable Track List:

  1. "Love Who You Love"
  2. "Here Comes Goodbye"
  3. "Close"
  4. "Forever"
  5. "She'd Be California"
  6. "Unstoppable"
  7. "Things That Matter"
  8. "Summer Nights"
  9. "Holdin' On"
  10. "Once"
  11. "Why"
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