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Heidi Newfield - 'What Am I Waiting For'

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Heidi Newfield - What Am I Waiting For

Heidi Newfield - What Am I Waiting For

Curb Records
What Am I Waiting For Bottom Line:

When Heidi Newfield, the former lead singer of Trick Pony, announced she was going solo, everyone worried if it was a wise move or career suicide. Her sweet, country sound mixed with her sassy persona, made it nearly impossible for everyone to not follow her next move. Now, releasing her first solo-project ever, Heidi Newfield asks, What Am I Waiting For?.

Heidi as part of Trick Pony

Prior to Heidi Newfield announcing her departure from long time band, Trick Pony, she was at the top of her game. Ira Dean, Keith Burns and Heidi made up the trio that fans drove for miles to see. Each concert would consist of loud, rambunctious anthems that helps elaborate on their "outlaw" ways. At any given time, Heidi could jam on the guitar, or Ira would jump on his up-right bass and rock out. The talent they shared as a team was no secret. It shined bright on every project they ever worked on.

The group had released three albums and all of them had pretty good success. Their touring schedule was crazy. Often performing well over one hundred and fifty dates a year. Their peers loved them as much as the fans. Throughout the years together, they pumped out huge hits such as "Pour Me," "Just What I Do," "On A Night Like This, 'On A Mission," "It's A Heartache," and "The Bride."

The videos that accompanied each tune was a show within itself. When the video for "The Bride" was released, fans were talking about it like crazy. All of them appeared in the video, but they brought in some very famous co-stars. Gene Simmons from Kiss, acted as the frisky and not so traditional minister. Country singer and The Dukes of Hazzard star, John Schnieder acted as the wondering eyed groom.

Fans never knew what to expect out of Heidi and her band mates, but now, it's clear, she was only getting started.

What Am I Waiting For - The Songs:

Heidi Newfield didn't waste a second jumping into her new album and letting people hear it. The first track is an awesome tune called "Can't Let Go." When I put this in the CD player, my feet automatically started tapping. The beat is great and the harmonica is awesome. This is country music song mixed with heavy blues. It is about a relationship that's coming to an end and that he has finally crossed the line. Once he stepped over that line, Heidi knew she had to end it, but for some reason she can't.

"Johnny And June" is the first single of the album. What a great song! There isn't a better way to dedicate a song to them than this. Their love will always go down as the strongest in country music and this song showcases just how strong it was and is a perfect relationship to look up to. Heidi's singing about a love that she wants and the only thing to compare it to is "Johnny And June." I bet they are smiling down at her every time it plays.

The last song on the record truly displays Heidi's feisty nature and it is called "Knocked Up." I absolutely love this song. It describes all the things that people talk about when women get pregnant and they're not married. The song is filled with heavy blues and country. This is the kind of music that helped people fall in love with her to begin with.

This album is perfect for anyone. Run out and get a copy of Heidi Newfield's What Am I Waiting For. You won't regret it!

Release Date: August 5, 2008 - Curb Records

What Am I Waiting For Track List:

  1. Can't Let Go
  2. Tears Fall Down
  3. Johnny And June
  4. What Am I Waiting For
  5. Love Her And Lose Me
  6. Cry, Cry
  7. Wreck You
  8. Nothing Burns like A Memory
  9. All I Wanna Do
  10. Knocked Up
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