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Rose's Pawn Shop - The Arsonist

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Rose's Pawn Shop - The Arsonist

Rose's Pawn Shop - The Arsonist

Bottom Line:

Who would have guessed that a group of twenty-somethings would create such a spectacular collection full of bluegrass & Appalachian sounding music. They are originally a rock band, too. All ten songs were written by lead vocalist Paul Givant & the music was arranged by all members of the band. This group infuses upright bass, drums, pedal steel, mandolin, fiddle, & banjos in an innovative way that is well beyond their years. This album is sure to be a favorite of mine for 2006.

Right off the bat, Rose's Pawn Shop shoots out of the gate with their music. "The Arsonist" is the album's title track and is about a woman who basically set the relationship on fire - and not in a good way. The man wants to let go but he's having trouble doing just that. "Eventually I'll be alright. Not tonight. Not tonight," he sings. Putting on his Sunday best is what the man does before holding a "Funeral Pyre" with all of his good-time friends. They'll set fire to the cans until he falls down on the floor laughing. Wanting to be alone to sort through his pain is what the man sings about in "One-Man Show." "I'm comfortable here on my own" is what he says to the woman in case she is out there listening. From the musical introduction to "Lone Rider," you think it will be a rather slow song until it breaks into the thumping upright bass and mandolin playing.
Another song about being lonely is "Long Way To Fall." The woman had his spirits up so high she would never understand how far he has to go to hit rock bottom. "Reckoning" features a prominent mandolin backdrop before getting a little bit heavier when talking about getting revenge. "My Old Valentine" finds a man thinking about the relationship he once shared with a woman he has a hard time forgetting. "I know you're somewhere out there. You're the darkness in day." I love how "Down The Line" is a bit softer sounding with more focus on the vocals. It really showcases the harmony shared between the group members and shows how great lead singer Paul Givant is at writing. The second song that really features the group's harmony vocals is the last track - "Blood Running Rivers." It is a song leaving the lyrics open to your own interpretation. Instead of the message being clear, you find yourself thinking about what the song means to you.

Song List

  1. The Arsonist
  2. Funeral Pyre
  3. Deep Red Clay
  4. One-Man Show
  5. Lone Rider
  6. Long Way To Fall
  7. Reckoning
  8. My Old Valentine
  9. Down The Line
  10. Blood Running Rivers

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