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Chris Young - Chris Young

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Chris Young - Chris Young

Chris Young - Chris Young

RCA Nashville / Sony BMG
Bottom Line:

Chris Young was the winner of Nashville Star's fourth season and is now making his Sony BMG debut. The self-titled album is comprised of eleven songs and was produced by Buddy Cannon. Chris co-wrote four songs, and some of those co-writers include Ira Dean, David Lee Murphy, Billy Yates, and Monty Criswell. This is a rock-solid album and I can't find one thing bad about it. Give it a listen and I'm sure you'll be pleased.

It's a tough choice for one man when it comes to choosing between "Beer Or Gasoline." Especially when they cost the same. "It ain't no fun to do without one, but I'll do a lot of walking if my motor don't run," he sings before finally deciding on buying the six-pack and walking home. If you like a man who will listen to you, slow dance with you, and love you forever then "You're Gonna Love Me," sings Chris. The song is something any woman would love to hear from their man. Those who watched Nashville Star will recognize "Drinkin' Me Lonely." I was amazed when I heard Chris sing this one on the show and I am happy to have it on this album. You better watch yourself whenever the Thomsons, Joneses, and Smiths get together because you never know what's going to happen. One thing is for certain this year - "White Lightning Hit The Family Tree" and things got pretty wild. "Lay It On Me" is straight-up honky tonkin' goodness at its best - complete with harmonica solo. He has his eye on a lady and says even if he winds up sad, beaten down, and lonely he wants to live in the moment with her.
"Burn" is a wonderfully written song penned by Lee Thomas Miller and Danny Mills. You might fall flat on your face a few times but eventually the stars will line up and you'll get to live your dreams. "Small Time Big Time" is one of those songs describing what goes on in a small town - bonfires, homemade wine, cut off Levis, and kickin' country music. "Flowers" is a heart-breaking song about a man who finally sobers up after a battle with the bottle. Instead of taking the lady out to a romantic dinner, they went to a bar and when it was time to leave he grabbed the keys from her and they got into a car crash. "Look what it took for me to finally bring you flowers," he sings as he places them by her gravestone. "Center Of My World" was written by Chris Young with David Lee Murphy. "There could be ten thousand people filling up this room, but in my mind, far as I'm concerned, it's just me and you." "Who's Gonna Take Me Home" is what the man in the last song wants to know since he finds it hard to stand up straight, let alone drive.

Song List:

  1. Beer Or Gasoline
  2. You're Gonna Love Me
  3. Drinkin' Me Lonely
  4. White Lightning Hit The Family
  5. Lay It On Me
  6. Burn
  7. Small Town Big Time
  8. Flowers
  9. Center Of The World
  10. I'm Headed Your Way, Jose
  11. Who's Gonna Take Me Home
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