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Ronnie Milsap - The Essential Ronnie Milsap

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Ronnie Milsap - Essential Ronnie Milsap

Ronnie Milsap - Essential Ronnie Milsap

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If you are looking to expand your Milsap collection, this is a great addition. It is a two disc, 40 track trip down memory lane. All the tracks are re-mastered originals and there are a couple of hard to find tracks included.

RCA Nashville/Legacy Recordings have been releasing Essential collections of various artists and their latest is a 2 disc set of 40 favorite Ronnie Milsap tunes. Along with the expected inclusions of songs like "Smoky Mountain Rain" and "Pure Love" there are some welcome additions of hard to find tracks as well. With 40 Number One hits and many more Top 5/Top 10 hits, it makes it one very difficult job to choose the songs to include on this type of project. Along with 33 of his number ones, they included several Grammy winning tunes such as "Stranger in My House" and "Lost In The Fifties." If that isn't enough, they also put in the three original demos he took to RCA that got him started with his incredible string of hits. And all three of these not only were featured on his first RCA release, Where My Heart Is, but went on to become top 10 hits. We are talking about "That Girl Who Waits on Tables," "(All Together Now) Let's Fall Apart" and "I Hate You."
Ronnie Milsap

Ronnie Milsap

Along with the great music, the liner notes include a 2,000 word essay covering the incredible career of Ronnie Milsap. Before signing with RCA he had two years of session work under his belt in Chips Moman's American Studios in Memphis. He played and sang on Elvis Presley's hit, "Kentucky Rain." In 1972, Ronnie traveled to Nashville at the suggestion of Charlie Pride after brief stays with R&B Label Scepter and Warner Brothers Records. The rest as they say, is history. Ronnie hit the charts with his first No. 1 in 1973 and has been charting in each decade since. Ronnie is the #4 artist of all time with most #1 Billboard Country hits, the #7 artist of all time with the most consecutive #1 Billboard Country hits and the achievements continue. He is truly a living legend and as his song says, "A Legend in My Time."
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