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Collin Raye - Twenty Years and Change

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Collin Raye - 20 Years and Change

Collin Raye - 20 Years and Change

The Bottom Line

Collin Raye is one of the smoothest voices in country music. His amazing Tenor voice has the ability to bring you to tears with the emotion he puts into his music. He has a habit of picking songs with lyrics that people can relate to in their daily lives. This ability keeps him on the charts as well as gives him an extremely loyal fan base. This album is no exception to his history of great music. It is well worth giving it a listen.
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  • "I Know That's Right"
  • "Hurricane Jane"
  • "Twenty Years and Change"


  • None.


  • Released by Aspirion Records and distributed by Navarre Corporation.
  • Produced by Collin Raye, Gene LeSage, Fred Mollin, Johnny Garcia and Stan Cornelius.
  • 12 tracks.

Guide Review - Collin Raye - Twenty Years and Change

'Twenty Years and Change' is his first album in over four years and it took three of those years to put it together. For the first time, Collin took an active part in the complete album from start to finish. With songwriting credits on the title track and co-writing credits on his duet with Melissa Manchester and also producing credits, this was truly his baby all the way.

The title track is a song that takes two young people from their dating years all the way through the many years of marriage and touching on the different things that happen as you live your life with the one you love. I enjoyed "Hurricane Jane." It is a great upbeat tune and a fun story about Jane blowing through his life. "Josephine" is written as a love letter during the Civil War. He's writing his wife before going into battle and touching on his feelings while throwing in snippets of life on the field. It is a poignant tune. "All I Can Do Is Love You" with Melissa Manchester is a beautiful ballad.

There are a couple of covers on here as well such as "It's Only Make Believe" and "The Search Is Over." It is an album that is very easy to listen to.

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