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Willie Nelson - To Lefty from Willie

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To Lefty from Willie - Willie Nelson

To Lefty from Willie - Willie Nelson

The Bottom Line

Country music legends are becoming a singularly rare breed. Willie Nelson, who turned 70 last year, is one of that rare breed. In keeping with a newly formed tradition, when a country legend hits that magical 7th decade, a number of Willie's past recordings are being re-issued in new, re-mastered, and delightful new form, such as this 1977 release, "To Lefty From Willie."
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  • "She's Gone, Gone, Gone"
  • "If You've Got The Money I've Got The Time"
  • "Look What Thoughts Will Do"


  • None.


  • A salute by Willie to Lefty Frizzell, one of the greatest country singers of all time.
  • 22 weeks on the country charts (five weeks at #2); reached #91 on the pop charts.
  • Includes top ten hit, "I Love You A Thousand Ways."

Guide Review - Willie Nelson - To Lefty from Willie

Most country music fans don't have to be told who Lefty (not even needing to know the last name of "Frizzell") is, nor why Willie would wish to package up ten of covers of his more legendary songs. Still, in the pop-laden late 70's, before Willie helped the Outlaws prove country was still country at heart, the record label wanted him to name the album the generic "Songs For a Friend," thinking Willie's fans wouldn't even know who the country great was. Willie would not budge on his album title, and luckily, it stands so today.

With ten original tracks and one bonus cut, the disc shows clearly why Lefty has been such an influence on so many others who came after, and where Willie (stylistically a very different artist than Lefty), like so many others, was influenced by him. Willie Nelson sounds nothing like Lefty. In tribute, he makes these songs his own with his distinctive style and delivery. Of course, Willie's rough style and easy-going manner appeal to fans of every genre, bringing a whole new audience to Lefty's music.

Willie recorded this album with his road band, which makes for a more intimate sound, perfectly suited to Willie's comfortable voice. Willie also chose to stick strictly to Lefty's biggest hits from his top years, including a number of lesser-known songs, as well as one of the last songs Lefty would write, "That's The Way Love Goes," which was a big hit for Johnny Rodriguez in the mid-70's and again for Merle Haggard in the 80's.

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