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Gretchen Wilson - All Jacked Up

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Gretchen Wilson - All Jacked Up

Gretchen Wilson - All Jacked Up

The Bottom Line

Gretchen's sophomore album is just as strong as her first. She proves she can hold her own with the boys on the drinking songs, and make you run for a box of tissues with her ballads. She's a woman with her own mind, and she isn't afraid to be who she is. Anyone who loves great country music will enjoy this CD. The lyrics are a little politically incorrect at times, but she is singing about real life and not a fantasy world. To me, this is what country music has always been about.
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  • "All Jacked Up"
  • "Politically Incorrect"
  • "Not Bad for a Bartender"


  • Absolutely None.


  • Released on Epic Records.
  • Produced by Gretchen Wilson, John Rich and Mark Wright.
  • There are 12 tracks, which includes one hidden track.

Guide Review - Gretchen Wilson - All Jacked Up

Gretchen seems to be steering country back to years gone by, but with the female voice instead of the male voice traditionally heard on the drinking songs. With songs along the lines of "All Jacked Up," she is making herself known as a party girl. She also has co-writing credits on seven of the 11 tracks.

Her songs also tend to deal more with the blue-collar life, which isn't always politically correct. "All Jacked Up" is about going out and getting so drunk you don't know what you are doing then trying to get in your vehicle afterward. At the end, after recounting all the stupid stuff she did while under the influence, she delivers the message that you should never get in your vehicle while you are 'all jacked up.' Another song that had politicians up in arms is called "Skoal Ring." It is a redneck love song. She doesn't need to get gifts and flowers or go out every night, but she wants a hard-working man with a 'skoal ring' on his pocket. Another person know for politically incorrect lyrics at times is Merle Haggard and he joins her for a duet on the aptly titled "Politically Incorrect." They sing about the people they stand for who are often overlooked in today's society. "Not Bad for a Bartender" is an autobiographical song for her. She talks about how far she's come from a bartender with an 8th grade education. This is just a good country album all the way through. It is real and it is from the heart, which is exactly what country music is all about.

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