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Jamie O'Neal - Brave

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Jamie O'Neal - Brave

Jamie O'Neal - Brave

The Bottom Line

While some will say Jamie's a pop singer masquerading as a country singer, I don't find that to be the case. Sure her music is on the contemporary edge of the fence but as Martina McBride has proved, there's always room for talented vocalists in country music. "Brave" is an album that fully showcases that.
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  • "Trying To Find Atlantis"
  • "Devil On The Left"
  • "Naïve"


  • Some will find this album too contemporary sounding for their tastes.


  • 9 of 11 tracks co-written by Jamie.
  • Produced by Keith Stegall, Rivers Rutherford and Jamie.
  • Released by Capitol Records Nashville.

Guide Review - Jamie O'Neal - Brave

Despite a pair of Number One singles and a successful debut album, Jamie O'Neal's sophomore release for Mercury Records never saw the light of day. Instead of returning to her songwriting roots as a means to make a living, the beautiful singer found a new home with Capitol Records Nashville. The man who was chiefly responsible for both label signings was former Mercury staffer Keith Stegall (Alan Jackson's producer). "Brave" is the first album released under the new label contract.

As with Jamie's Mercury album, "Brave" primarily consists of songs in which she wrote. One of the songs she didn't write is first single "Trying To Find Atlantis." I'd always assumed she did write it because it was "offbeat" and "quirky;" just like "There Is No Arizona." "Naïve" is a nostalgic track with a killer melody that reminds me of Faith Hill. "When Did You Know" is the only other track Jamie didn't co-write and it too reminds me of something Faith would sing which says to me that Jamie has a heck of a voice. "Devil On The Left" is a swampy, bluesy track that should be a big hit for Jamie. "Girlfriends" is an interesting song for Jamie co-wrote it with her father and it's theme fits country radio's main demographic.

Jamie O'Neal is a strong vocalist and songwriter. "Brave" is a confident return to the spotlight for Jamie. With strong backing and promotion from her new label Capitol Records, Jamie should have no problems becoming one of the top stars of the country format.

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