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Collin Raye - Live at Billy Bob's

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Collin Raye - Live at Billy Bob's

Collin Raye - Live at Billy Bob's

The Bottom Line

Collin Raye is a gifted stage performer that has long needed a live CD to showcase the talents he possesses. “Live At Billy Bob’s Texas” is a fine showcase but the presence of more than one medley of hits will leave casual fans scratching their heads. Still, the CD offers something for everyone.
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  • “Little Rock”
  • ”On The Verge”
  • ”That’s My Story”


  • Too many medleys.


  • 17 hit songs.
  • Part of the Live At Billy Bob’s Texas CD series.
  • Produced By Rick Smith and Billy Minick. Recorded live by Bob Wright.

Guide Review - Collin Raye - Live at Billy Bob's

Ever since I heard the ballad “Little Rock,” I have been a fan of Collin Raye. That summer I bought his first two records in addition to the CD which featured the song. I have seen Collin perform live many times and after each show I wondered why he never released a live recording. Thankfully, while in between label contracts, Collin decided to team up with the folks at Billy Bob’s Texas to create a live CD.

With a crisp voice and strong background support from his touring band, Collin sounds better than ever. The track listing features most of Collin’s career hits including some that weren’t included on his Greatest Hits packages his old label released. One of those songs, “I Want You Bad (And That Ain’t Good),” had its video filmed at the dance hall. Like in his concerts around the country, Collin’s shortened a majority of the songs (by taking out some solos or maybe a third verse) to make all the fans happy. While I’m pleased he did that, I would’ve preferred, if for this concert alone, that the songs (Like “If I Were You,” a short 53 seconds) were completed in full form, especially since there would’ve been plenty of space for all of the songs on a conventional CD.

Still, with that one gripe aside, “Live At Billy Bob’s Texas” does exactly what it’s aimed to do; that is make fans of Collin Raye happy by giving them a document of a live concert not unlike what they’ve been to many times before.

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