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Chris Young - I Wish I Was Lyin'

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I Wish I Was Lyin' - Chris Young

I Wish I Was Lyin' - Chris Young

The Bottom Line

I see a bright future for Chris because he has it all: Talent, Heart and Looks. A wholesome true country artist with a passion for Country Music. His self-produced CD is one you have to add to your collection of Country Music.


  • "Three Rounds"
  • "He's My Dad"
  • "Where Would I Be"


  • None.


  • Produced by Chris Young & Scott Newbert.
  • Comes right from the soul, a voice you can't believe.
  • Sophomore release.

Guide Review - Chris Young - I Wish I Was Lyin'

This is Chris' second CD and I've heard both and they are constantly in my CD player. This guy in one word is FANTASTIC. You can feel his passion in his music and words. And since Chris wrote every song on this album except one, you have to know where his heart is. He already has a faithful Fan Club and this was his second year that he participated at the CMA Music Festival.

You won't believe that Chris isn't even 20 years old yet by the voice this young man has when hearing "Three Rounds." Like it says on his web-site, "He's Country to the bone." The one song he didn't write on this album is a great song also called "Hell No, Heaven Yes." I had the opportunity to hear for the first time many of these songs at his Fan Club party while in Nashville. Chris had a full house and he satisfied all of us with that incredible voice of his. He sings a song that he wrote for his Dad on this album "He's My Dad," that just warms your heart, and I know has to pull on his a little also.

This young man is touring doing all kinds of things because he believes in what he is doing. He has felt the pull of country music from birth and you can sense it in his songs like in "Where Would I Be" and "See Me Cry." I'm looking forward to hearing more and more from Chris.

Note: This CD is no longer available for purchase, other than if you can buy it second hand from someone willing to part with it.

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