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Trisha Yearwood - Jasper County

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Trisha Yearwood - Jasper County

Trisha Yearwood - Jasper County

The Bottom Line

After a break from the music industry, Trisha is back with a vengeance. This album is fun to listen to. She has chosen songs she can have some fun with as well as a few ballads where she can really show off her vocal abilities. It is a great addition to any CD collection.
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  • "Georgia Rain"
  • "Who Invented the Wheel"
  • "Sweet Love"


  • None.


  • Released on MCA Nashville.
  • Produced by Garth Fundis.
  • There are 11 tracks on the CD.

Guide Review - Trisha Yearwood - Jasper County

Trisha Yearwood took a couple of years off of the music circuit to just recharge and rejuvenate. In many cases, an artist that does this can't come back to the level they were at when they left. In Trisha's case, she is back with a vengeance. In listening to the album, you can tell that Trisha was having fun and she was enjoying coming back to something she loves to do. She picked a few songs to just let loose with. "Who Invented the Wheel" is a fun take on the guy that left. She wants to know who to yell at for inventing the wheel, because wheels were on the car he drove away in. "Pistol" is a charged song and no matter what happens she says, "Here's what happens when you fall in love with a pistol." "It's Alright" is a positive and upbeat song that things are all right in their relationship.

Of course it isn't a Trisha album without some ballads to make you tear up. "Trying to Love You" is a story of trying to love someone through the good and the bad. It is the perfect song for Trisha's voice. Of course the first single, "Georgia Rain," is a song about going back home and finding how much things remain the same and yet changes do happen in spite of all you do. Life always moves on. Her new single is "Sweet Love." It is a bluesy tune about summer love. This is definitely one of my favorite Trisha Yearwood albums. She's chosen songs that suit her voice extremely well and it is very well put together. There are no filler songs to be found in this project.

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