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Juice Newton - Anthology

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Juice Newton - Anthology

Juice Newton - Anthology

The Bottom Line

Released in 1998, Juice Newton's Anthology picks up where the 1983 Greatest Hits release from Capitol Records ended.
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  • “The Sweetest Thing”
  • “Love Is The Word”
  • “First Time Caller”


  • Does not include the 1983 hit “Tell Her No”.


  • Released in October of 1998.
  • Released on Renaissance Records.
  • 19 Tracks.

Guide Review - Juice Newton - Anthology

This Anthology CD of Juice Newton is a very good retrospective of her hits. And why shouldn't it be? She hand picked the songs for this collection herself. A couple standouts here are the original 1976 version of “The Sweetest Thing” and “Love Is The Word.” She recorded these songs with her 70's group Silver Spurs. Both original recordings are featured on this collection.

This CD includes all of the early pop/country hits like “Queen Of Hearts,” “Angel Of The Morning” and “Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me”. But this collection goes beyond the original greatest hits package because it also includes all of her mid/late 80's Country hits. Songs like “You Make Me Want To Make You Mine,” “First Time Caller” and “Cheap Love.”

And, it also includes three songs from her 1984 album 'Can't Wait All Night.' The top 40 hit “A Little Love” as well as the title track. “Easy Way Out,” The final track on this CD, was never released as a single, but really showcases her talent as a pop/rock performer.

If you are a fan of Juice Newton, you will love to have this CD as part of your music collection.

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