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Ronnie Milsap - Just for a Thrill

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Ronnie Milsap - Just For a Thrill

Ronnie Milsap - Just For a Thrill

The Bottom Line

Ronnie has loved this music for years, and his love of the music comes through in each and every piece. He gives each song his distinctive style that has made him a legend in the music world. Even though this isn't a country album, fans that would normally not listen to this style of music will love it. It is a must have for any Ronnie fan, and a great way to introduce him to a whole new audience.
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  • "My Babe"
  • "Cry"
  • "But Not For Me"


  • None.


  • 14 Tracks.
  • Album is nominated for a 2005 Grammy.
  • Produced by Rob Galbraith, Ronnie Milsap and Jerry F. Sharell.

Guide Review - Ronnie Milsap - Just for a Thrill

'Just For A Thrill' is an album that has been 15 years in the making. Some have said it is Ronnie's best work to date. This album is a selection of some of Ronnie's favorite songs from the American Standards collection. He has been compiling hundreds of songs, and was just waiting for the opportunity to record this type of album. That dream became a reality and the long-awaited album was released to incredible reviews in September of 2004.

Some old favorites that can be found are "Cry," "Bewitched," "Haunted Heart" and "But Not For Me" along with 10 other terrific songs. It was recorded live in the studio with the full instrumental backup. There are no pre-recorded parts that have been pieced together for the final cut.

Even fans that normally won't listen to this style of music will love this album with Ronnie's distinctive voice and style making it a pleasure to listen to.

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