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Kevin Sharp – Make A Wish

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Kevin Sharp - Make a Wish

Kevin Sharp - Make a Wish

The Bottom Line

It took over six years for Kevin Sharp to release his third album but that doesn’t mean that Kevin’s strong talent isn’t still evident. Kevin’s upbeat personality penetrates the up tempo tracks while his ballad skills are still as strong as ever on the tender love songs.
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  • "I Think I’ll Stay"
  • "Make A Wish"
  • "Nobody Knows"


  • None.


  • Produced by Jerry Cupit.
  • Features 11 music only tracks as well.
  • Released by Cupit Records

Guide Review - Kevin Sharp – Make A Wish

Does the name Kevin Sharp ring a bell? If you’ve been a fan of Contemporary Country Music since the mid 1990’s then it should for Kevin’s debut album, “Measure Of A Man” featured four hit singles, including the #1 hit “Nobody Knows.” Unfortunately for Kevin, his sophomore album’s release was delayed a multitude of times that it didn’t keep Kevin’s momentum going and he lost his record deal. After another failed record deal on a small label, Kevin signed a record deal with Jerry Cupit’s independent label Cupit Records.

In the six years between album releases, Kevin’s become a well-known inspirational speaker talking about how he overcame his battle with cancer to become the man he is today. The overall tone of “Make A Wish” is one of hope and happiness and it comes off in Kevin’s strong voice as he sings the songs that deal with those themes. He also sings about strong love in songs like “You Are The Reason Why,” “Let Me Rock You To Sleep” and “I Think I’ll Stay.”

The title track, “Make A Wish,” reminds us all to follow our dreams and to not squash anyone’s dream, especially those who may have only a few days left before they pass away. First single “Your Love Reaches Me” is a cool song while Kevin reprises his biggest hit, “Nobody Knows” at the end of the record. Though it’s taken awhile for Kevin’s third album to arrive, it’s an album full of memorable songs and should be heard by all that love contemporary country music.

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