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Travis Tritt - 'My Honky Tonk History'

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Travis Tritt - 'My Honky Tonk History'

Travis Tritt - My Honky Tonk History

Sony BMG

The Bottom Line

Tritt's reputation as country's "Outlaw" is heard on this album along with his roots of southern-rock and blues. Get ready to rock and listen to some of what I believe to be some of his best work.
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  • "Honky Tonk History"
  • "The Girls Gone Wild"
  • "It's All About The Money"


  • None.


  • Co-produced with Billy Joe Walker Jr., marking their fourth consecutive collaboration.
  • Southern rock- and blues country music.
  • Gretchen Wilson - Sony label mate sings background vocals on a track.

Guide Review - Travis Tritt - 'My Honky Tonk History'

This is Travis Tritt's ninth album, his third for Columbia Records. With his aggressive southern-rock style, Tritt has invited a few friends of his to help him with this project. They include a duet with John Mellencamp - "What Say You," and a song co-written by Miss Gretchen Wilson herself, who also sings background vocals on "Gone Too Far To Turn Around." And of course Travis couldn't leave out his longtime friend and former tourmate Marty Stuart. They co-wrote and performed together on "We've Had It All."

I believe this album has the upbeat tempo of Tritt's early days, and I love it. Some may wonder why he has gone back to the days gone by of his career. I think he says it all in the song "Honky Tonk History" when he says, "the sounds of outlaw music sets me free." No doubt. Songs that reflect that are "When In Rome" and "When Good Ol' Boys Go Bad."

His first single to hit the airwaves, "The Girl's Gone Wild," is doing well on the charts. Not to mention the apparent success of the often played video.

Travis really tells us how he likes his music by his growls and yeah, yeah, yeah's. This is true Tritt and a must have for a fan of country, southern-rock and blues.

I saw Tritt back in 1991 in Nashville for the first time and I became a fan for life. He rocked. Although I may not have every album he has made (I'm only missing a couple), this is one I will have in the CD player for some time. And I must add, that I like the new hair-style.

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