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Randy Travis - Passing Through

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Randy Travis - Passing Through

Randy Travis - Passing Through

The Bottom Line

Randy's remarkable baritone voice sings both inspirational and country songs on his 16th album. I think everyone will find something on this album that they will relate to. Randy has a talent for telling stories through his songs and puts you right in the song with the people he's talking about. This album hits on many different subject matters. From believing in Angels to being an alcoholic and losing your family. "Passing Through" is an awesome title for this album.
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  • "Four Walls"
  • "Pick Up The Oars and Row"
  • "Angels"


  • None.


  • Released on Word Records/Curb Records.
  • 12 Tracks.
  • Two Songs written by Randy Travis.

Guide Review - Randy Travis - Passing Through

Randy's the first country artist to break the multi-platinum sales barrier. He has sold over 21 million albums and has received four Grammy's, five Country Music Association Awards, eight Academy of Country Music Awards and ten American Music Awards. He also has three Dove Awards for his Gospel albums. Along with that he's had 22 number one hits. What an accomplishment since his first major album release, 1986. Now he has a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"Four Walls," I believe, will be another great hit. It follows "Three Wooden Crosses." that topped many charts and reminds Randy of his grandparents like the hit song, "He Walked On Water." He recites the words with his baritone/bass voice in the song "Angels," except for the chorus. He talks about angels being before us in all things like, our Mothers. I sensed his spiritual side in this one. Randy wrote a couple of songs on this album and says he wrote, "I'm Your Man" while on the road last year. He was missing his wife that usually travels with him, but couldn't that time. Travis says the lyrics just came to him faster than he could write them down.

This album is mixed with a hint of gospel and true country, a pure delight to listen to. But who doesn't like to listen to the voice of this man. I really love the soft deep tone of his voice and the range in it as well. This is another great accomplishment of Randy's and think that it's a great addition to any Country or Gospel music lover.

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