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Shane Owens - Let's Get On It

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Shane Owens - Let's Get On It

Shane Owens - Let's Get On It

The Bottom Line

If you like country albums with a little kick to it, then you'll like 'Let's Get On It.' It has the fun uptempo songs as well as all-out ballads so you are sure to find something that fits your country music taste buds.
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  • "Redneck"
  • "Onto Something Baby"
  • "Party On The River"


  • None.


  • Shane Owens' debut album.
  • Contains the single "Bottom of the Fifth."
  • Shane wrote or co-wrote most of the songs.

Guide Review - Shane Owens - Let's Get On It

Shane Owen's debut album is full of energetic and traditional sounding country songs. What I like about the ten tracks is that you can tell, as you listen, how Shane puts a lot of effort into his music. He wants to make things work and its no wonder his album sold out so fast the day it was released.

"Redneck" is about a woman with frizzy, white trash, blonde hair and how he loves the fact she does whatever she wants whenever the mood strikes her. "Onto Something Baby" is pretty traditional sounding. Shane sings about a "living dream" who makes him feel good when they kiss. "The future's looking sunny, we're right on the money, we're onto something honey." Walking back into one of your old stompin' grounds can be an eye-opening experience, especially if it was an old honky tonk bar that turned into a hip-hop karaoke joint. At least in "Ray Ray's" there's one place the city folk haven't found.

"Big Mother Trucker" is about a woman who drives a big rig. "Look out sucker she's on your behind, she's gonna roll all over you." "Bottom of the Fifth" has a bit of a baseball analogy to go with a dose of barroom heartbreak. The next song, "Party On The River," is energetic and would be great to hear on the radio. "Fast" can be a good thing, or a bad thing in the last song. Shane says that he likes to take things slow and spend as much time as possible working on a relationship. "So baby, baby, baby, not so fast" he sings in the song's chorus.

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