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George Strait – Somewhere Down In Texas

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Somewhere Down in Texas - George Strait

Somewhere Down in Texas - George Strait

The Bottom Line

George Strait is as great as ever. After delving into the more "pop-influenced" country in the late 1990's, George returned to the "twang" with 2003's "Honkytonkville" and had one of his most critically acclaimed albums ever. "Somewhere Down In Texas" is another keeper.
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  • "Somewhere Down In Texas"
  • "You'll Be There"
  • "Texas"


  • None.


  • Features songs written by the likes of Cory Mayo, Dean Dillon, Merle Haggard and Monty Holmes.
  • Produced by Tony Brown and George Strait.
  • Released by MCA Nashville Records.

Guide Review - George Strait – Somewhere Down In Texas

Like a fine bottle of Pinot Grigio, George Strait seems to get better as he ages. After critical success with 2003's "Honkytonkville," George released a fine 51 track collection of every #1 single he's recorded up 'til 2004. "Somewhere Down In Texas" is George's 27th all new album (including 2 holiday releases) and what a classic it is.

The opening track, "If The Whole World Was A Honky Tonk" starts with cracklin' guitar, Floyd Cramer like piano and some fiddle and steel fills that scream out "classic." "Somewhere Down In Texas" is one of those songs that sounds as if it were written just for George. It is a great fiddle-backed ballad that finds George singing about how he loves to be home on his ranch, especially after a long tour. Merle Haggard's "The Seashores of Old Mexico" is a fun track while "High Tone Woman" sounds as if it were a lost Waylon Jennings track.

The first single "The first single "You'll Be There" (A Top 5 hit) is a special song that has a hopeful outlook on what Heaven will be like." "Good News, Bad News" is a wonderful duet that pairs George with one of the song's co-writers, Lee Ann Womack. It's a heart-wrenching traditional ballad that pairs two of the best vocalists together. "Texas" is a cool track and a likely second or third single. "She Let Herself Go" has a nice lyrical twist and I can see it being a single too.

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