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Bob Nolan - The Sound of a Pioneer

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Bob Nolan - The Sound of a Pioneer

Bob Nolan - The Sound of a Pioneer

The Bottom Line

Bob Nolan is a true Western Music Legend who started out writing a poetry column at his high school. Became a drifter because of his love of the wildreness and dessert and through all of that he wrote his first song "Way Out There" a song about his travels. He settled in California while continuing writing both songs and poetry, then answered a call to a newspaper ad for a singer who could Yodel. Roy Rogers liked his style and hired him on the spot. This album tells that story.
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  • "Tumbling Tumbleweeds"
  • "Cool Water"
  • "Can You Hear Those Pioneers"


  • None.


  • Produced by "Snuff" Garrett
  • Co-Founder of The Sons of the Pioneers
  • Features Marty Robbins harmonizing on "Man Walks Among Us."

Guide Review - Bob Nolan - The Sound of a Pioneer

Were you captivated by the sound of the Sons of the Pioneers when you were a kid like I was? Then this is a must have. This will take you back as soon as you pop it in your cd player. It sure did me. It took me all the way back to watching reruns of those amazing shows of Gene Autry and Roy Rogers on the silver screen. They sure don't make them like they use to, do they?

Bet you didn't know some of Bob's songs were first wrote as poems for his high school newspaper. Later they became Nolan's songs, and although he decided to pursue a musical career in 1929, he found his success in 1931. He became part of a group called the Rocky Mountaineers Hillbilly Group, with a guy named Leonard Slye who later became known as Roy Rogers. Later, when joined by others, they became the Sons of the Pioneers.

Classics on this album are "Cool Water" and the famous "Tumbling Tumbleweeds." A favorite of mine is remarkable, and you won't believe a 71 year old is singing "Can You Hear Those Pioneers." His voice, so pure and so easy to listen to, maybe it's because I remember listening to this kind of music while I was growing up. Don't miss out on this one to add to your country collection.

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