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Willie Nelson - Stardust

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Stardust - Willie Nelson

Stardust - Willie Nelson

The Bottom Line

“Stardust” was the first of many albums over the last 25 years to reinterpret the “Great American Songbook.” It’s still one of the best.
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  • “Always On My Mind”
  • ”I Can See Cleary Now”
  • ”Georgia On My Mind”


  • None.


  • Produced by Booker T. Jones.
  • Released by Columbia/Legacy Records.
  • Remastered and Re-mixed CD features 2 bonus tracks.

Guide Review - Willie Nelson - Stardust

After being on the forefront of the outlaw movement in the 1970’s nobody could’ve expected what Willie would come out with in 1978. “Stardust” is a simple collection of tunes that Willie revered from his childhood. The record would go on to sell more than four million copies and is now on par with best of what Willie Nelson has to offer.

With his “just-ahead-of-the-beat” vocal delivery, Willie Nelson’s take on these classic songs simply was unlike anything ever done before. “Georgia On My Mind” (mostly associated with Willie’s friend Ray Charles), is tastefully done and the most recognizable track from “stardust.” With Irving Berlin’s “Blue Skies” Willie showcases his distinctive acoustic guitar, “Trigger.” “Unchained Melody” has been recorded by many but has a soft elegance to it when in the hands of Willie. “Moonlight In Vermont” is Willie’s all-time favorite song and I can see why. It’s a lovely poem set to music that really needs to be heard to understand. The Gershwin brothers’ “Someone To Watch Over Me” is a nice remake while “I Can See Clearly Now” is such a great song in the hands of Willie, I wonder why it was left off of Stardust (with “Scarlet Ribbons”) the first time.

“Stardust” is the standard bearer for which all contemporary “Great American Songbook” collections must stand up to. While 26 years old, the record still is as essential today as it was then. “Stardust” is truly an “American Milestone,” as are about four or five other Willie Nelson CDs.

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