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Willie Nelson and Friends - Stars & Guitars

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Stars & Guitars - Willie Nelson and Fire

Stars & Guitars - Willie Nelson and Friends

The Bottom Line

“Stars And Guitars” is the first (and the best) of the recent wave of live collaborative records which Willie and Lost Highway Records have released.
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  • “Good Hearted Woman” (with Toby Keith)
  • ”On The Road Again”
  • ”Mendocino County Line” (with Lee Ann Womack)


  • May be too much “Star Power” on the CD.


  • 16 of 18 songs feature guests.
  • Released by Lost Highway Records.
  • Toby Keith, Sheryl Crow, Rob Thomas, Lee Ann Womack, Vince Gill & Norah Jones are a few guests.

Guide Review - Willie Nelson and Friends - Stars & Guitars

In 2002 Lost Highway Records released Willie Nelson’s fun “The Great Divide” record. While it isn’t as “classic” as some other records, most notably “Red Headed Stranger” and “Stardust,” the record brought fans and friends and Willie together to record some nice songs. “Stars And Guitars” is the live partner to that album.

Sheryl Crow joins Willie on the seminal “Whiskey River” while Toby Keith “replaces” Waylon Jennings, (as if one could do such a thing), on “Good Hearted Woman,” the hit from the Great Divide, “Mendocino County Line” features Lee Ann Womack. Ray Price joins Willie for the fun “Nightlife,” from their 1980 CD “San Antonio Rose” and a primer for 2003 duet release “Run That By Me One More Time.” Patty Griffin joins Willie on “Angel Flying To Close To The Ground” while Vince Gill takes the lead vocals on “Blue Eyes Cryin’ In The Rain.” Emmylou Harris duets with Willie on the classic “’Til I Gain Control Again.” Norah Jones helps Willie on the nice “Lonestar” while Willie takes the reins for the closing pair of tracks including his classic “On The Road Again.”

Superstar collaborations always sound better in a live setting than in a studio and “Stars And Guitars” is a great example of that. Fans looking for some essential “later” recordings of Willie Nelson should look no further than “Stars And Guitars.”

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