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George Strait - '50 Number Ones'

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George Strait - 50 Number Ones

George Strait - 50 Number Ones

MCA Nashville

The Bottom Line

Consistent. If there was ever a dictionary definition for George Strait that's what it'd say; consistent. No other artist still recording today has had as big an impact on modern country music than George Strait. 50 Number Ones is a remarkable retrospective on George's still strong career. For anyone who didn't want to shell out the bucks for his box set, this is a "must have" collection for a true country music fan.
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  • Classics from the 80s like "The Chair"
  • More recent classics from the 90s like "I Can Still Make Cheyenne"
  • The new song and 51st number one "I Hate Everything"


  • Many of the tracks have been slightly edited for length to allow all 51 tracks to fit on two discs.


  • Detailed liner notes written by Michael McCall.
  • 51 total tracks on 2 CDs.
  • Released by MCA Nashville.

Guide Review - George Strait - '50 Number Ones'

50 number one hits. Just think of it. George Strait has enough number one hits to make five (5) 10 track CDs with nothing but number one hits. Many artists don't even record five CDs. It's simply remarkable that George Strait has been recording quality hits for so long (he's in his third decade now), that a project like 50 Number Ones sees the light of day. No other artist has as many solo country hits as George (Conway Twitty has more combined with duets and such).

50 Number Ones is also impressive for the mere fact that the songs presented on the CD from the great timelessness of "Ocean Front Property" to the modern hit "Run" to the brand new "I Hate Everything," which coincidentally also topped the charts, making the album title inaccurate. There are simply too many great songs to list the best of them. It's a bit like "quoting" from the best chapters of a great novel or dissecting the a few scenes from a classic movie, it doesn't do the collection justice to outline only a bit of a project as strong as this one. If ever there was a no-brainer for a fan to spend their hard earned cash on, it'd be this one.

Still, there will be some rabid fans that will say "I have everything by Strait, why do I need this?" I say that for the liner notes, from Michael McCall's synopsis of the history of Strait to the release dates listed under each track to George's touching letter to family, friends and fans. This 2-CD set is the perfect road trip companion and one every country fan should own.

If there's any negatives about this release, it's the fact that many of the tracks have been slightly edited so that all 51 tracks can fit on two CDs. But, if that doesn't bother you, then this is a great package of the very best from the King George.

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