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Neal McCoy - That's Life

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Neal McCoy - That's Life

Neal McCoy - That's Life

The Bottom Line

Neal McCoy is a talented and dynamic performer. This album is a real treat and well worth the wait. It is the first release on Neal's new label 903 Music, and is packed with great music. Bottom line is that it is an excellent album, and would make a great addition to any collection.
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  • "Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On"
  • "Got Mud"
  • "Head South"


  • Absolutely None.


  • Released on Neal's own label, 903 Music.
  • Produced by Eric Silver.
  • 13 tracks.

Guide Review - Neal McCoy - That's Life

For this album, Neal achieved his latest goal. Full artistic freedom with his music, and the long anticipated album was the very first release on his own label, 903 Music. And what a treat this album is. There is a great mix of songs, two of which Neal co-wrote. You will hear everything from the poignant love song "You Let Me Be The Hero" to the fan favorite at his shows "Hillbilly Rap." His current single is quickly climbing the charts. It's called "Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On," and has a fun beat. I'm not sure what beer goggles might be, but it is awesome to hear Neal on the airwaves again. He does the double meaning play with words on the song "Tail on the Tailgate." At the end of that one he tells you to get your mind out of the gutter, that wasn't what he was talking about. There is some Western Swing with "Head South" which is a tribute to his Texas roots. And he invited Charlie Pride to join him for a fun duet on "You're My Jamaica." That has always been one of my favorite songs by Charlie, and the playful exchange between Neal and Charlie during the song is fun to listen to.

I think this album really allows the listener to get a feel for Neal's wide range of vocal ability. It also gives a glimpse into the many types of music that Neal likes. I think with Neal, as long as the music is good, he loves it. And he has something in his voice that just sounds as though he is in his element and loving every minute of what he does.

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