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Martina McBride - 'Timeless'

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Martina McBride - 'Timeless'

Martina McBride - Timeless

RCA Nashville

The Bottom Line

They say that everything that's old is new again. Well that is sure the case with Martina McBride's new CD called Timeless. You get 18 classic country songs from the 60's and 70's that made country music great! This is one that you will definitely want to give a listen to.
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  • "Thanks A Lot"
  • "Heartaches By The Number"
  • "I Still Miss Someone"


  • Those that prefer pop country may not appreciate the classic country songs on this disc.


  • The CD includes the single "Rose Garden."
  • Produced by Martina McBride.
  • This CD has 18 tracks and is released by RCA Nashville Records.

Guide Review - Martina McBride - 'Timeless'

When you bring timeless songs together with a timeless singing voice, the results are, well? Timeless! Thus the title of Martina McBride's eighth CD for RCA Records, Timeless, a collection of classic country songs. The overall feeling of this CD is warmth, Like a fireplace on a cool autumn evening. In an age where most country music is more rock than country, this latest CD from Martina McBride gives new life to the songs that are the very roots of country music.

Musically speaking, this CD is straight forward country. There's no fancy recording studio tricks to get in the way of the songs. Just great musicians playing great music! Even the backup vocals sound as if they have been lifted from recordings of days gone by and dropped into these songs. And even though Martina has a very powerful singing voice, She sings these songs in a much softer, more relaxed style.

The first single to be released from the CD, "Rose Garden," was originally a hit back in 1970 for Lynn Anderson.

And this CD is just flat out fun to listen to! Whether it's the bouncy, toe-tapping "Love's Gonna Live Here," "Pick Me Up On Your Way Down" or "Once A Day," to the slow softness of songs like "True Love Ways," "'Til I Can Make It On My Own." and "Help Me Make It Through The Night," a song that was a hit for the late Sammi Smith and written by Kris Kristofferson. If you love and remember country music the way it used to be, Martina McBride's Timeless is one that you will definitely want to own!

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