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Willie Nelson - Always On My Mind

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Always On My Mind - Willie Nelson

Always On My Mind - Willie Nelson

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The Bottom Line

Whether you had this album in 1982 or you are a Willie fanatic, then the digitally remastered 'Always on my Mind' will do no harm to your music collection.
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  • "The Party's Over"
  • "Always on my Mind"
  • "I'm a Memory"


  • None.


  • Digitally remastered from 1982.
  • Contains "Always on my Mind."
  • Two new bonus tracks not on the original album.

Guide Review - Willie Nelson - Always On My Mind

Willie Nelson has a style unlike no other artist in any type of genre, not just country music. Even back in 1982 that fact was evident in the original version of Always on my Mind.

Though the music was mostly pop, tracks like "I'm A Memory" showcased Willie's unique guitar playing. "Always on my Mind" remains to this date as one of the most popular songs performed by Willie, while his version of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" is pretty low-key and easy to handle. A ticking time bomb is how a relationship is described in "Staring Each Other Down." "Turn out the lights" because "The Party's Over" for the man in this song about wallowing in pity.

When Willie puts out music branded as pop there is an unmistakable folk-country feel to his albums and whatever he touches has a certain feel or flair. If you are a fan or a new listener looking for a true classic from the star, give the digitally remastered 'Always on my Mind' a shot because it shows another facet of Willie's genius.

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