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Bruce Robison - Eleven Stories

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Bruce Robison - Eleven Stories

Bruce Robison - Eleven Stories

Sustain Records

The Bottom Line

If you are a fan or have appreciation of the true songwriters and storytellers in country music you need to listen to 'Eleven Stories.' You won't be disappointed. Bruce Robison has such a talent for writing songs with meaning and it is amazing listening to some of the works he has penned.
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  • "Tennessee Jed"
  • "You Really Let Yourself Go"
  • "Bandera Waltz"


  • None.


  • Eleven tracks written by Bruce Robison.
  • Kelly Willis on background vocals.
  • First album in five years.

Guide Review - Bruce Robison - Eleven Stories

'Eleven Stories' is a perfect title considering this is a Bruce Robison album. He's one of the best storytellers around these days. He has talent that is undeniable. He was born to write songs so it is no surprise artists like Lee Ann Womack, Faith Hill, and George Strait (among others) have recorded some of his works.

"Every Once In A While" is about a man who remembers a woman with strawberry hair. Even though it's been years since they were together, all it takes is a listen of a song for all the memories to start flooding back into his mind. "Tennessee Jed" is about a man who wishes he could be back in the state he loves so much. Bruce's wife, Kelly Willis, is prominent in "More and More." "Days Go By" is the story of a homeless man who seemingly had it all before having to live on the streets. "Some memories still haunt me, and angels will hide in the night. The tail-lights are fading but her face is there waiting in my mind," Bruce sings.

"You Really Let Yourself Go" is my favorite track, no doubt because of the two-step tempo. "Kitchen Blues" has a down-home feeling to it with lyrics like "Sittin' in the kitchen listening to the rain fall down" and "Sitting in the kitchen dreaming of the city from a small town." My second favorite song also has something to do with the tempo - "Bandera Waltz" closes the album.

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