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Martina McBride - Evolution

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Martina McBride - Evolution

Martina McBride - Evolution

RCA Nashville

The Bottom Line

Martina McBride has a very powerful voice and it is evident in so many of the songs on 'Evolution.' From "With A Broken Wing" to "Happy Girl" and every other song on the album, you are guaranteed to get the best vocal delivery in this fourteen song collection.
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  • "Valentine"
  • "Happy Girl"
  • "A Broken Wing"


  • None.


  • Duet with Jim Brickman.
  • Duet with Clint Black.
  • Fourth album.

Guide Review - Martina McBride - Evolution

I never would have thought that I would keep one compact disc in my player for a whole year without taking it out, but the truth is that it happened with Evolution.

From this album there were six total singles released to radio: "Still Holding On," a duet with Clint Black, "A Broken Wing," an empowering song about having a strong sense of self, "Valentine," a beautiful duet with pianist Jim Brickman; "Happy Girl," "Wrong Again," which there is also a beautiful acoustic version of floating around on another album, and "Whatever You Say," a tune that shows off Martina's vocal prowess.

It is amazing how such a voice can come from such a little body (which I am sure is why "I'm Little But I'm Loud" is at the very beginning of the album). Martina McBride could outsing any of her competition without even having to try and I only wish I could sound like her.

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