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Trisha Yearwood - Hearts in Armor

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating

By Trisha Huenke

Trisha Yearwood - Hearts in Armor

Trisha Yearwood - Hearts in Armor

MCA Nashville

The Bottom Line

Possibly Trisha’s best album ever, if you are a fan and don’t have this one yet, it really is a must.
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  • "Hearts In Armor"
  • "Walkaway Joe"
  • "Down On My Knees"


  • There is nothing on the album that isn’t truly exceptional.


  • Released in 1992, it was Trisha’s sophomore album.
  • Contains familiar hits like “Walkaway Joe”, “Wrong Side Of Memphis” and “Oh, Lonesome You”.
  • Emmylou Harris, Don Henley, Vince Gill and Garth Brooks all provide background vocals on the album.

Guide Review - Trisha Yearwood - Hearts in Armor

In 1992, Trisha Yearwood released her sophomore album Hearts In Armor, and with the first listen you knew she was bound for stardom. This collection of ten emotional songs and Trisha's undeniably beautiful vocals, make it a must for every collection.

Minus the bluesy hit “Wrong Side of Memphis,” this album could be an emotional diary for any woman dealing with a broken relationship. Songs like “Hearts in Armor,” “Woman Walk The Line,” and “Nearest Distant Shore” come across the speakers with such devastating sentiment, you think that has got to be what a broken heart sounds like.

While the big name performers providing background vocals blend perfectly with Yearwood, they steal none of the limelight. This is strictly a Trisha Yearwood album, and a wonderful one at that.

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