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Keith Whitley - '16 Biggest Hits'

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Keith Whitley - 16 Biggest Hits

Keith Whitley - 16 Biggest Hits


The Bottom Line

A medium-sized collection of songs from an amazing artist we lost way too soon. His all to brief solo career included a 1988 release, "Don't Close Your Eyes," and 1989's "I Wonder Do You Think Of Me." All five number ones from these two releases are included along with many more cuts that did very well on the charts.
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  • "'Til A Tear Becomes A Rose"
  • "Don't Close Your Eyes"
  • "Would These Arms Be In Your Way"


  • None.


  • 16 tracks
  • Five #1 singles
  • Compilation Produced by: Rob Santos

Guide Review - Keith Whitley - '16 Biggest Hits'

Losing this entertainer so early in his career was like the state of Ohio losing Springtime. His smooth, ever pleasing vocals fill this CD and each time I hear anything by Keith I can't help but wonder, what if.

One of the most memorable cuts, "Don't Close Your Eyes," has a man facing the cold, hard truth that the one he loves still loves someone else. Intertwined with haunting piano and guitar, this song is blended with Keith's heartache filled voice as only he could do. Other "lost love" cuts include, "I Wonder Do You Think Of Me," and "I'm Over You,"

Keith was very well known in Nashville, and had many friends who collaborated with him. Earl Thomas Conley joined him on "Brotherly Love," Reba McEntire on "Turn Me To Love," Emmylou Harris and Vern Gosdin on "Would These Arms Be In Your Way," and the completely unforgettable union with his wife, Lorrie Morgan on "'Til A Tear Becomes A Rose." This fiddle and mandolin filled love song contains some incredible harmonies and leaves us aching for what will never be. Yet again I wonder, what if?

The heartbreaking ballads are probably my favorites but I also enjoyed hearing the songs of being happily in love. Songs like "It Ain't Nothin," "When You Say Nothing At All," and Keith's first solo career hit, "Miami, My Amy."

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