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Rascal Flatts - Me and My Gang

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Rascal Flatts - Me and My Gang

Rascal Flatts - Me and My Gang

Lyric Street Records

The Bottom Line

The boys put together a collection of songs that have the ability to stir every emotion one could have. From the humorous & lightning fast lyrics of "Backwards," to the heartbreaking verses of "What Hurt's The Most," it's the CD you're gonna wanna leave in all day & play over and over. Gary Levox's mind blowing vocal ability intertwined with great harmonies from Jay & Joe Don and perfectly blended with Contemporary Country Music at its absolute best. It's gonna be the CD to have this summer.
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  • "What Hurts The Most"
  • "Me and My Gang"
  • "Backwards"


  • None


  • 13 tracks
  • Contains the No. 1 single, "What Hurts The Most."
  • Produced by Dann Huff and Rascal Flatts

Guide Review - Rascal Flatts - Me and My Gang

Rascal Flatts introduces us to a cast of characters in "Me And My Gang." Although there are a lot of ballads on the CD, the guys keep it fresh by giving us almost every possible in love or lost love scenario. We hear from the broken hearted in "What Hurts The Most," to the heartbreaker in "I Feel Bad." The person in "To Make Her Love Me," has messed things up so bad all he can do is pray for the creator of all things to just please make her love him again. "EllsWorth." is the haunting, all too real story of a woman more than likely stricken with Alzheimer's. With her world quickly fading, Grandmother can't remember what she did yesterday, but just mention grandpa and see what happens. Beautifully written and performed with so much passion it can easily bring you to tears.

In between the ballads we still get plenty classic fast paced "Flatts" we've all come to love. "Backwards" is gonna make ya wanna grab the reins and hold on for dear life. It'll tell ya what you hear when you play a country song backwards whether you wanna know or not. My favorite pick on the CD is "Me and My Gang." I wasn't sure at first if someone had changed CD's on me or what. Very remininscent of a classic Bon Jovi song all the way up till the first licks of that banjo and fiddle kick in.

With 13 tracks on this CD and such limited space, it was very hard to choose which ones to tell you about.There isn't one song that could be considered just a filler song.

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