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Ronnie Milsap - My Life

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Ronnie Milsap - My Life

Ronnie Milsap - My Life


The Bottom Line

This is Ronnie's first studio album of country music in over a decade and there is no question that he is still on top of his game. Each and every song on this album could stand alone as a single release. His voice has remained virtually unchanged since he hit the airwaves in the early 70's, and it is easy to see why he has racked up 40 #1 Hits over the years. This will be a treasured addition to any country music collection.
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  • "You Don't Know My Love"
  • "My Life"
  • "A Day in the Life of America"


  • None.


  • 11 Tracks on the CD.
  • Produced by Keith Stegall and released by Sony BMG on the RCA Label.
  • Brand new Studio Music from Ronnie Milsap.

Guide Review - Ronnie Milsap - My Life

Ronnie Milsap is releasing his first studio country music album since 'True Believer' in 1993. It is pure Milsap Magic and a real pleasure to listen to. The first single was "Local Girls" and charted on Billboard.

With Ronnie, one never knows quite what to expect as he has always been cutting edge with the material he chooses to record, and this album is no exception. It is different, yet distinctly Ronnie Milsap. Ronnie gets a little funky with "You Don't Know My Love" in an upbeat tune about a solid love. "My Life" is a reflective song about the choices of life and knowing he's making his own path. His voice is perfect for this song, swelling and ebbing through the verses - giving glimpses at what he can do when he really wants to let go. "Time Keeps Slipping Away" is another song with a catchy beat and hits life of today dead on. It talks about how time moves so fast that you wake up one day and realize life is passing you by. It ties in nicely with "A Day In The Life Of America." This is one of my favorite tracks with the daily grind of life of the average American broken down into getting up for work, drinking your morning coffee, going to work, coming home, eating fast food of some sort, going to bed then getting up and doing it all over again. No wonder 'Time Keeps Slipping Away' when you aren't looking. "If It's Gonna Rain" is a powerful ballad as is "Somewhere Dry." Anyone buying this album will get hours of enjoyment from it.

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