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Hank Williams III - Straight to Hell

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Hank Williams III - Straight to Hell

Hank Williams III - Straight to Hell

Curb Records

The Bottom Line

If you want a solid country album with great songwriting and singing then 'Straight to Hell' is for you. Hank III obviously likes to push the boundaries a little bit while still keeping an overall true country sound. If you don't like hearing swearing you might want to buy the clean version if you feel like giving the album a try.
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  • "Country Heroes"
  • "Smoke and Wine"
  • "Things You Do to Me"


  • Did not care for the swearing and the drug references.


  • Produced by Hank III.
  • Two disc collection.
  • Hank III's first released cover of Hank Sr.'s "I Could Never Be Ashamed of You."

Guide Review - Hank Williams III - Straight to Hell

Shelton Hank Williams III fought long and hard to release this album and finally the time has come for him to let everyone hear it. It's his special kind of honky tonk country mixed in with a whole lot of attitude - something it seems only he can do so well. There's also an experimental sounding disc two for those willing to be open-minded enough to listen.

The first disc opens up with a medley of "Satan is Real" and "Straight to Hell." "Thrown Out of the Bar" has so much energy put into it you can't help but enjoy it. "Things You Do To Me" is another upbeat song even though the subject matter isn't very happy. The man lamented a relationship that is no more. "Country Heroes" is the ultimate lonely country song. There's nobody around but Hank and the men he's listening to. "Smoke and Wine" is about a man who lives the high life and he wants a woman to enjoy it with him. "Not Everybody Likes Us" finds Hank III sending out a message to those thinking Kid Rock is Hank Jr.'s son.

The second disc provides another side of Hank III. Instead of using studio musicians he uses his very own recorder and puts things together that way. The first track is "Louisiana Stripes," while the second track is a combination of various recordings including a cover of Hank William Sr.'s "I Could Never Be Ashamed of You" and another version of "Smoke and Wine" that is reminiscent of the 1950s version of the genre. Also included: "Up In Smoke," "Back by My Side," and "Down in Houston."

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