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Brad Paisley - 'Time Well Wasted'

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Brad Paisley - Time Well Wasted

Brad Paisley - Time Well Wasted

Arista Nashville

The Bottom Line

I'm just about willing to grant Brad Paisley the crown as today's king of feel-good real country music. His songs are chipper, cheerful, fun to listen to, and always so very true to the heart of country music you cannot argue there's any lack of grit. This stuff is so country it's out in the field chewing on a straw. Not to say he can't and doesn't touch the heart. Brad's new disc is just as warm and wonderful as his first ones were: fun, sweet, and real.
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  • "You Need A Man Around Here"
  • "Flowers"
  • "Easy Money"


  • One could argue the Kung Pao Theatre goes on a little long.


  • Brad Paisley's fourth album.
  • Featuring duets with Alan Jackson and Dolly Parton.
  • Contains another silly, but fun, chapter of Kung Pao Theatre in the bonus track(s), "Cornography."

Guide Review - Brad Paisley - 'Time Well Wasted'

Brad Paisley is starting to catch up with Alan Jackson as my favorite mainstream country singer. He keeps things real, and yet somehow he's getting radio airplay. I don't mean to be catty, but he's either conning the suits real well or his label makes with the major payola. However he does it, I'm right there to listen, all over with a big happy smiley face 'cause Brad's music is just so cheerful.

I've lately come to realize that Brad Paisley has filled a void for me in country music. Out in the independent Americana areas I usually frequent, and heck, even in mainstream country, very few are playing country music for FUN. Since Hee Haw went off the air and Minnie Pearl, rest her, passed away, there's not been a lot of humor in country, and Lord, it needs it sometimes to cut through the hardcore pain of Americana and the "heartwarming" treacle in the mainstream. Paisley likes to laugh, and he treats us to songs that prove it. Even his sweet songs sometimes have a tongue stuck in cheek, but with songs like "Alcohol," "You Need A Man Around Here," "Flowers," and "Easy Money," it's clear Brad Paisley likes his job. A lot.

Like Roger Miller, Brad Paisley approaches a country song from a slightly skewed direction, heading it down unexpected trails. I can easily picture Brad standing in the cornfield telling bad jokes with Roy Clark. Sometimes I really miss Hee Haw. But on the whole, killer guitar, great songs, and it's about time Alan Jackson and Brad did a song together.

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