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Kenny Rogers – Water & Bridges

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Kenny Rogers - Water & Bridges

Kenny Rogers - Water & Bridges


The Bottom Line

There has been resurgence of “veterans” in country music and Kenny’s new record “Water & Bridges” is proof. It is a well-balanced record that features eleven fine performances. There are three to four great choices for singles which should have “The Gambler” back in the Top 10 at radio.
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  • “Half A Man”
  • “The Last Ten Years (Superman)”
  • “My Petition”


  • None.


  • 11 all new tracks.
  • Features a duet with Don Henley (“Calling Me”)
  • Released on Capitol Records.

Guide Review - Kenny Rogers – Water & Bridges

As the only artist to place one of his songs on the music charts in each of the last five decades, Kenny Rogers has a knack for finding great songs to sing. While he may not the best of vocalists, Kenny’s gravely tenor sounds very much like it did when Kenny first appeared on the charts in the 1950s. It is with that unique voice that the 67 year-old Rogers presents his finest batch of new songs in quite a long time.

The title track, “Water & Bridges,” leads off the album. Previously recorded by Collin Raye, the song’s lyrics are tailor-made for a mature vocalist like Rogers while “Someone Is Me” has a melody and mood that might make it a fine future single. “I Can’t Unlove You” was a nice way to remind people Kenny was still around, but the really special songs happen in the latter half of the record. The duet “Calling Me” showcases how well Don Henley and Kenny’s vocals mix, while Kenny’s cover of Anthony Smith’s “Half A Man” is a true highlight. It features a vocal snarl from Kenny that many probably forgot he even had. I’d choose it as a single just for that reason.

“The Last 10 Years (Superman)” is a wonderful track that will be a smash at radio if released. It’s a great piece of nostalgia. “My Petition” is a sweet little song about children showing us the way to a better path in life while the album closing “One Life” is a touching future wedding anthem.

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