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Riders in the Sky - Christmas the Cowboy Way

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Riders in the Sky - Christmas the Cowboy Way

Riders in the Sky - Christmas the Cowboy Way

Rounder Records

The Bottom Line

Riders in the Sky sing beautiful harmonic cowboy-style country music. They also portray wacky characters in comedic bits. Put the two together, and add some lovely songs, and you have this album of different, but enjoyable, Christmas music.
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  • "The Friendly Beasts"
  • "Corn, Water and Wood"
  • "The 12 Days of Christmas"


  • None.


  • Produced by Joey Miskulin.
  • Recorded on Rounder Records.
  • Wacky comedy and lovely harmonies combine for a very off beat and fun Christmas cd.

Guide Review - Riders in the Sky - Christmas the Cowboy Way

With any Riders in the Sky CD, you have to expect something you won't hear most anywhere else. This holiday collection is no exception. Riders go from the serene "The Friendly Beasts" to the high-spirited "The Christmas Yodel," and throw in some humor with "Side Meat's Christmas Stew," then add a wonderful chidren's favorite, "The Prairie Dog's Christmas Ball," and the 12th Century humn, "O Come, O Come Emmanuel."

This album has something for everyone, from the fun-filled comedic pieces, such as Side Meat's version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," to the wonderful harmonies in "The Friendly Beasts," and the beautiful Mexican influence on "Virgen Maria (Why Are You Weeping?)."

Those that love cowboy music will especially enjoy this collection of songs, but this collection will stand beside other Christmas fare as music to entertain with during the holidays.

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