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Josh Turner - Your Man

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Josh Turner - Your Man

Josh Turner - Your Man

MCA Nashville

The Bottom Line

One word description for this CD? Amazing! Josh Turner took the country music field by storm with his release of "Long Black Train." People wondered if such a strong start might also be a death sentence. How can you possibly top that entrance? Well, he has done it. This album is strong all the way through; there are no weak links here. And "Your Man" is screaming up the charts.
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  • "Your Man"
  • "Baby's Gone Home to Mama"
  • "No Rush"


  • None.


  • 11 Tracks on the CD.
  • Josh's Sophomore Album Release.
  • Released by MCA Nashville.

Guide Review - Josh Turner - Your Man

With the release of his sophomore album, Josh Turner has planted his roots solidly in the country music field. He took the time to choose each song on the album carefully to make sure that when finished it would be exactly as he envisioned. And there is no doubt that all his efforts will be recognized. There are many influences you can hear in the music he chose, and two artists he has looked up to for years joined him for a couple of songs. He chose a variety of music as well. Some slow love ballads, a fun tune or two, a little bluegrass flavor and a reworked Don Williams tune, "Lord Have Mercy On A Country Boy." It all melds together in a smooth album that you just want to listen to over and over.

The single release, "Your Man," has been steadily climbing up the charts, and is one of the most requested songs on radio right now. His deep, baritone voice is perfect for this love song. "No Rush" is another slow love song. "Baby's Gone Home To Mama" is a catchy tune. My favorite line in there is the snide comment that when she left at least she took her little Chihuahua. It is a definite tongue in cheek song about losing your girl. And "Loretta Lynn's Lincoln" is a song about exactly what the title says. What better car for an up and coming musician? Think of the daydreams you can have while driving that one. Ralph Stanley and Diamond Rio join Josh for the Bluegrassy "Me and God." And John Anderson comes in on the romping good ole boys song, "White Noise."

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