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Top 100 Country Music Artists of All Time - Part 1

100 - 76


Toby Keith performs during the Oklahoma Twister Relief Concert to benefit United Way of Central Oklahoma May Tornadoes Relief Fund.
Rick Diamond/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We've compiled a list of the Top 100 Country Music Artists of All Time. The list is based on many things, and has the input of the entire staff on where to place an artist, or if the artist belonged on the list. Things that we based our ranking on are album sales, Top 40 Hits, No. 1 Records, No. 1 Albums, Popularity as an influence on other artists, and other attributes. Any omissions are purely unintentional.

Each artist page includes the artists birthname, birthdate, date of death if deceased, 10 of that artist's most popular songs, with lyrics, chords or tabs included, when possible, plus our Top 10 album picks from that artist, including buying information. If an artist had not released 10 albums, the entire discography of that artist was listed.

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