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Best Country Music of 2012

A look back at the top country music and best-selling artists of 2012


A lot happened in country music in 2012. Taylor Swift changed her image with Red, Jason Aldean returned with Night Train, and Little Big Town motored up the charts. Explore my choices for the best country albums and songs of the year. For a more commercial perspective, check out the rundown of 2012's top moneymakers.

Best Country Songs of 2012

pontoon single
Image courtesy of Capitol Nashville Records
Here are my choices for the top 10 country songs of 2012, with attention paid to both big-selling acts and lesser known artists.

Best Country Albums of 2012

dwight yoakam 3 pears album cover
Image courtesy of Warner Bros.
While many of country's biggest names lit up the singles charts, they failed to put together cohesive records that stood up over multiple listens. That goes a long way toward explaining my selections for the best country albums of 2011.

Top Country Singles of 2012

cowboys and angels single cover
Image courtesy of Broken Bow Records
There are no dark horses on this list. This collection of the top-selling country singles of the year comprise the most popular songs on country radio playlists and among fans.

Top-Selling Country Albums of 2012

red album cover
Image courtesy of Big Machine Records
These 2012 albums made the biggest dent on the country music charts. They include both albums that were released in 2012 and records from previous years that continue to bring in the bucks.

Notable Album Releases of 2012

blown away album cover
Image courtesy of Arista-Nashville Records
Explore the notable record releases of 2012, from Tim McGraw's eclectic Emotional Traffic to Carrie Underwood's chart-stomper Blown Away. This rundown features release dates and album info as well as links to reviews and artist profiles.
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