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CMA Close Up 2007 - 4:00 Show

Montgomery Gentry take the couch


Montgomery Gentry

Montgomery Gentry

Shelly Fabian

Next to take the couch were Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry. Lorianne talked about them always having a lot to do, and always being great in their support of the CMA Music Festival. Troy replied that they do it for the fans, and that they don't actually call them fans. They are more like friends.

Lorianne asked Troy, "What is your attraction to wardrobe?" He said that he likes to change things up, because Eddie always wears the same thing. Eddie replied that Troy asked him one day, "What do you think of this?" and Eddie replied, "Why are you asking me? I always wear black." Lorianne asked Eddie where he gets all his clothes. I didn't get all of what he said, but he said his boots are from Jim Beam, and his jeans are from Wrangler.

Talking about tattoos, Troy has a sun on one arm and a cross on the other. Eddie, on the other hand is scared of needles, and he said he couldn't get drunk enough to agree to have a tattoo. Lorianne agreed, saying needles have never touched her flesh, and she doesn't even have pierced ears.

Being the tricksters they are, they were asked what the best trick was they played on each other. Eddie said that it had been a long night, and he was on the bus, hanging around in his shorts in his bunk, and Troy comes over and says, "Eddie, Eddie, you've gotta get up, you're gonna be late for the show." Eddie said he was hung over and he jumped out of his bunk and threw his clothes on, and went outside the bus where he found out it was 9:00 am. He said "The man upstairs wasn't too happy with the things I said that day."

Troy likes reptiles, while Eddie does not, and Troy talked about bringing a huge snake on the bus one time.

Asked what their most annoying habits were, Eddie said Troy is a neat freak, while he's sloppy, himself.

Someone submitted the question "What will it take to knock Brooks & Dunn of of the Duo of the Year?" Troy and Eddie both stated that they really look up to Brooks & Dunn, and they are happy for them.

We later learned that Troy likes to cook with his wife. Eddie said that when he asked his wife to go somewhere he's never gone before, she took him to the kitchen.

Lightning Round:

Men never completely grow up. What do you have that proves that?

Eddie: Games, Tractors. He says he's not good at building.
Troy: Comic books. He's a big Batman fan. He has a Batman costume.

Lorianne asked him what he does with his costume, and he said he goes Trick or Treating with the kids.

Best Seafood?

Troy: San Francisco.

What actress makes you go Mmmmmmm?

Eddie: A video of my wife.
Troy: My bride.

That's just some of the things that were discussed on the show. Be sure to watch GAC to watch the tapings for yourself. The first show, which was the earlier broadcast, featured Trace Adkins, Terri Clark and Josh Turner. It will play on July 19th. This second taping, that I recapped above will be broadcast on July 30th.

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