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2008 CMA Celebrity Close Up - 4:00 pm show

Featuring Sara Evans, Joe Nichols, Bucky Covington & Jake Owen


Sara Evans talking to Lorianne Crook during CMA Celebrity Close Up.

Sara Evans talking to Lorianne Crook during CMA Celebrity Close Up.

Marilyn Wigglesworth

I attended the 2nd session of the CMA Close Up with Lorianne Crook.

Lorianne's first guest was Sara Evans. Sara told how she met her fiance, Jay & their first date at a park playing catch.

Lorianne and Sara talked about Sara's upcoming wedding, but Sara didn't share any of the details other than the fact that she did find her dream dress and that Jay was her perfect match. She teased that he was just like her but only a man.

Sara said she comes from a family of 7 children & she & Jay together have 7 children between them. She added that she'd love to have a baby with Jay but they're not in any hurry since Sara hates to be pregnant. She loves motherhood and babies but is so sick while pregnant she's just not in a hurry to do that again.

Lorianne had questions from Sara fans in the audience & one fan asked how she could get her husband to dance. Sara responded that if he can't already dance don't try to make him cuz you'll just end up liking him less. It would be best to get him to do something that he likes and is already good at.

Another fan asked why Sara didn't wear the sexy costumes the dancers did. Her response was that it was already so stressful to learn the dance steps that she didn't want to have to add the stress of worrying about a wardrobe issue too.

Sara was asked how many shoes she had & she responded explaining that her stylist always buys her new shoes to match each outfit. Sara is conscious of money and can wear a pair of black shoes repeatedly. But she teased her stylist says, "but you've already wore those." Doing some mental calculations Sara finally answers, "about 300 pairs at home & on my bus, not counting the ones my sisters steal." Some fans yelled asking her size, she responded that she's a size 8.

Lorianne congratulated Sara on receiving an award from the American Red Cross, a Crystal Cross for her efforts as spokesperson for them. Sara said she doesn't feel that she deserves it. She believes that she's only done what she could do by using her fame to help with Public Service Announcements. She believes in their work & they helped her home town during the floods in MO back in 1993.

The next guest was Joe Nichols. Lorianne congratulated him on his new marriage. She said last time they talked it was a pretty intense interview. Joe agreed saying it had him in tears. After a few minutes of Nichols' hilarious comments to Lorianne's questions she said he already had her in tears and he commented that he was turning the table on her this interview & she'd be the one crying.

Lorianne teased Joe that she heard he's already heard a problem in his marriage that he has a rival in his wife's horse. Joe laughed and said he's never seen an arrogant horse. He commented that he better watch what he says because the horse is probably watching on his own television in his stall or he's lurking around somewhere. Then, a fan yelled out to Joe and right on cue, Joe said, "See, there he is now." The audience cracked up laughing and Lorianne started wiping at her make up under her eyes as tears of laughter filled her eyes. Nichols started mimicking her saying he wasn't making fun of her that he had to do it too because of his make up.

Next, Lorianne commented that Joe looked happy and healthy and asked if he was taking care of himself. Nichols responded with a "No, it's surgery." Pointing at himself. Again the crowd laughed and Lorianne commented, "well, there's plastic surgery for men now to enlarge pec and biceps. Right on cue, Joe crossed his arms over his pecs tucking his hands under his arms and then looked down between his legs and crossed them as well, saying something like, "Who would do that? What else have you heard?" The audience erupted into a roar of laughter and Lorianne burst into laughter throwing her head back unable to contain herself.

A fan question for Joe mentioned his Superman Underoos & asked what was his favorite cartoon character? Joe responded that Foghorn Leghorn was his favorite, including an impression that brought again roar of laughter to the audience. Then Lorianne asked what Underoos were? Joe said he loves his fan club for bring this up. Then, he explained that little boys wear underwear with super heroes. Then continued to share the story that when he was young his mom always bought him Batman and that he'd always told himself that one day he'd show her and he'd get himself a pair of Superman. So when he turned 31 he got a pair of Superman. Again the crowd roared in laughter at Nichols story.

The next question for Joe was would he ever consider doing Dancing with the Stars? He responded with a yes, but only on one condition, that Dolly Parton was his partner. Lorianne asked why Dolly? And Joe responded raising his eyebrows up and down saying "Cuz, I'm pretty clumsy."

Nichols was hilarious throughout his entire interview and the crowd cheered for more when he left the stage.

The last two artists in this session were Jake Owen and Bucky Covington. These two guys were funny and took over the interview talking to each other sharing "twin" stories and moments since both of them have a twin.

Lorianne asked Bucky the fan question, is it true you started driving at 12 years old? Bucky said yes, well, probably younger, but 12 is when Mom and Dad found out. He shared the story about when his twin, a friend and him had taken out his step sisters car. They got about 2 miles from the house and it broke down. They had to push the car all the way back into the driveway before their parents got home and they never knew what happened until now.

Lorianne asked Jake if he had a story or was he an angel. He said he got arrested in college while dressed up by Pee Wee Herman. Jake went on to explain that it was Halloween and his twin thought it'd be a good idea to have a party at their apartment. Since he played, he thought it would be a good idea to jam. He said a keg showed up along with about 300 or 400 people and then the cops. His twin brother jumped inside and took a picture of him handcuffed dressed up like Pee Wee Herman. The crowd cracked up at Jake's story.

This session of the CMA Close Up is a must see and will be aired on GAC on July 19th and 26th.

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