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Joe Nichols 2008 Fan Club Party

Rocketown - June 3, 2008


Joe Nichols with the fan created quilt at his 2008 Fan Club Party.

Joe Nichols with the fan created quilt at his 2008 Fan Club Party.

Marilyn Wigglesworth
We, (Laurie, Ashley, Jenni, Mikayla and I), arrived at Rocketown on Tuesday, June 3, 2008 around 5:00 pm for Joe Nichols Fan Club Party. There was a small line already starting to form at the door even though the doors weren't scheduled to open until 7:00 pm.

As we waited, we met up with many Joe fan/friends and it was a great time to socialize and introduce everyone. Dorthe, a Joe fan from Germany was there and happy to meet other Joe fans she only knew through posting on Joe's Place forum.

Once inside, dinner of shredded pork on a bun, potato salad, chips and lemon-aid was served to fans while they waited for Joe's performance.

Sharon Eaves called Dianne Smoak on stage with a special surprise for Joe. Then she called Joe out from backstage. Dianne presented Joe with a 6 and half foot by 8 and half foot hand-made quilt she quilted for him. The quilt was made up of squares from Joe's fans from the two groups Joe's Place and Joe Nichols or Bust. Each square was an illustration of one of Joe's songs. There was even a square from Heather, Joe's wife on the quilt.

Joe was surprised and asked if he could wear the quilt as a cape.

After the quilt presentation, Joe left the stage to finish set up and within a few minutes his band came on stage and started playing the introduction for "Size Matters." As Joe walked on stage he was greeted with screams and cheers from his fan club members.

Nichols welcomed everyone sitting on the edge of the stage asking for questions from his fan club members. Joe received several requests for songs such as "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," "That Would Be Her," "Rockstar" and "Yodelin' Blues."

Joe explained that he first did "Rockstar" as a joke since he's so country but he keeps getting requests for it.

Nichols performed "Yodelin' Blues," and "That Would Be Her." Fans swayed and sang along getting up onto their feet to dance along with Joe's current single, "It Ain't No Crime."

Then, Joe sat back down on the edge of the stage saying he wanted to talk with his fans and get to know everyone and answer questions.

Fan Connie asked Joe about his experience and his impression of hearing himself for the first time on the radio. Joe responded chuckling that he had no thought. Then, he laughed that he remembers thinking he didn't sound as good as he thought he was.

Joe was hilarious in his response to questions his fans asked but did answer each of their questions. He had many requests to perform songs such as, "Footlights," "Revelation," "Comin' Back In A Cadillac," "Farewell Party," "Everything's A Thing."

There was even a request for Joe and lead guitar player and best friend, Brian Spradling to sing "It's Your Love." This has become a fan favorite for Joe and Brian to perform at Joe's fan club party. Brian requested Joe share the story behind the song. Years ago when they were working playing at Broadway bars like Rippy's, a Marine requested they perform a Tim McGraw song. They refused at first, but after a large tip they launched into "It's Your Love." Joe and Brian made it a fan club tradition.

Fans enjoyed participating with Nichols and his band singing along to "Old McDonald" and "Let's Get Drunk and Fight," Joe's upcoming single. During "Let's Get Drunk and Fight," Joe noticed 3 year old Mikayla dancing and singing along and stopped the song and called her up on stage with him. He asked her name and age and if she'd sing along with him. She agreed and to Joe's surprise she knew every word of his song. The two looked as if they had rehearsed the song as Mikayla mimicked Joe's hand gestures and closed her eyes leaning into him right on cue.

After they finished the song, Joe said something like, it was the proudest moment in his life, and laughed that only in country music would a 3 year old know the words to a drinking and fighting song.

Joe closed out this set with "Brokenheartsville" and "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off" before starting Meet and Greet sessions with all his fans.

Nichols fans have a great sense of humor as well, one fan bringing an inflatable doll wearing a cowgirl hat and "Size Matters" tee shirt. Two other fans, Tamra and Lupe wearing sheriff badges handcuffed Nichols with giant plastic handcuffs and added a ball and chain around his ankle playing on Nichols "It Ain't No Crime" single during their M&G.

At the end of the M&G's, the professional photographers switched out the backdrop with Joe's quilt for participating fans to have their M&G picture with Joe and the quilt. This also gave them a quick opportunity to show Nichols which square they designed and decorated for him.

Having attended Joe Nichols' fan club party for the past three years, this was one of the all around best parties Nichols has thrown for his fans.

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